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    3d naked eye led advertising screen outdoor L-shaped 3d naked eye holographic video

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You will obtain reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions through our professional work.

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LED SCREE has been professionally produced for decades, and has produced tens of thousands of 3D video effects  for many countries around the world.


We have excellent technology,And a professional installation team.so whether it is to install outdoor 3D led display, or indoor 3D led display, it is not a problem


We have produced 3D LED display projects in many countries in the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc., all of which have our presence

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Naked Eye 3D LED Display

Bring your ad to life and give it a visual punch!

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What is the meaning of LED display?

LED display are used in many places in life, such as traffic displays for directing traffic, high-definition small-pitch displays in monitoring rooms, and most outdoor large-screen advertisements use LED displays. Although LED displays have penetrated into all aspects of life, there are not many people who can tell what LED displays are, so let’s learn together. What is LED display? The LED display is a flat display, which is made up of LED modules spliced…

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Which company is best for LEDs?

When we buy things, we like to choose to buy brands, not for others, because the quality of products produced by brand manufacturers is better, so when many customers buy LED displays, the first thing that comes to mind is the brand of LED displays. So, what are the well-known brands of LED displays? Let’s take a look and see if there are any brands you are familiar with. Top 10 LED display companies in…

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What’s transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screen is a new product and new application only available in China after 2010. At the beginning, the transparent display was a single-finger transparent LED glass display, because other types of transparent screens did not appear. Until 2017, engineers with LED displays came up with a whim, and hollowed out the light panels, which looked like shutters from the outside. In this way, when there is no plug in, it will not completely…

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