Recently, a Coca-Cola “3D” dinosaur advertisement played on the full-color LED display of a well-known department store in Tianhe, Guangzhou attracted attention. The advertisement screen first displayed a glass curtain wall that simulates the decoration style of a building. By adjusting the brightness of the screen to match the ambient light, When the “wall and screen are unified”, suddenly the “curtain wall” began to shatter, and then a huge dinosaur broke out of the “wall”, and the visual effect was very realistic and shocking. So, is this a popular “naked eye 3D” technology?

In fact, the so-called naked-eye 3D means that the eyes can see two pictures with parallax on the display screen without wearing 3D glasses, and the object images are reflected by the brain, so as to achieve a three-dimensional visual effect. The “3D” effect of Coca-Cola’s advertisement is not through technical processing of the playback device, but through the depth-of-field picture with a strong sense of depth and the parallax principle of the human eye, an advertising method that creates a 3D visual illusion.

In the era of eyeball economy, traditional forms of outdoor display have been unable to attract people’s attention. To this end, outdoor 3D advertising came into being. It provides an unimaginable and creative way to bring people a new visual impact. It can be said that 3D outdoor advertising is the most intuitive on-site advertising in the world. It relies on realistic effects and gorgeous visual experience to attract consumers, thereby enhancing brand publicity. It has been used by more and more businesses and has become a new model of outdoor advertising investment.

First of all, 3D outdoor advertising enhances the effect of advertising communication and attracts people’s attention. 3D advertising itself is a visual game, people’s eyes are easily deceived by the illusion it creates, thinking that the scene on the screen is real, making people feel like they are there. Therefore, people are easily attracted to it and stay for a long time, which increases the enthusiasm of people to participate. Secondly, advertising companies and media owners will pay special attention to and apply new media technologies such as 3D technology in order to improve their own level. In addition, the emergence and development of 3D outdoor advertising is the inevitable result of the development of outdoor advertising technology. The emergence and wide application of each new technology will inevitably lead to production changes in related industries and even the entire society, and the outdoor advertising industry is no exception. Nowadays, in terms of outdoor advertising technology, naked-eye 3D technology is constantly maturing and improving, which will inevitably bring outdoor advertising to a higher level on the original basis.

In recent years, LED display screens, as the mainstream outdoor billboards in the market, are almost all over the city’s streets and alleys, becoming the largest media carrier for advertising, but playing 3D advertisements has strict requirements on the effect of LED display screens. As the leader of domestic LED displays, Hua Fucheng has built many high-quality outdoor LED advertising screens. These high-quality LED displays with perfect display and stable effects are fully capable of presenting “3D” effects, which is more conducive to the promotion of advertising brands. spread. Just imagine that the 3D effect advertisement is perfectly presented on the outdoor LED display, and its vivid and lifelike pictures will also play a greater role in decorating the city and become a beautiful landscape!

With the continuous improvement of packaging technology, the dot pitch of full-color LED displays is getting smaller and smaller, the resolution is getting higher and higher, and the color, contrast, viewing angle, etc. are getting better and better, and people are becoming more and more dissatisfied. Since only the display screen is used to display the 2D material, higher requirements are put forward. Therefore, the 3D full-color LED display came into being, and with the ultra-clear small-pitch LED display, it achieved an excellent visual experience. In recent years, various large-color LED display manufacturers have made great efforts to launch various 3D solutions in the field of 3D display.

It is expected that in the near future, LED movie screens will be replaced in cinemas, taking advantage of the high brightness of LEDs and 18-bit grayscale. Compared with traditional projection projection, the 3D solution has outstanding advantages and a full three-dimensional effect. At present, it has been put into use in some countries and regions, such as the Kwai Tsing Theatre in Hong Kong and the Milan World Expo.

At present, 3D cinemas mostly use 3D, a type of polarized 3D, which is based on the visual difference from light. At present, many companies are developing and producing naked-eye 3D full-color LED displays. Many problems will be reflected in this process. The most critical technical point is the “multi-view” design, so that the audience can see the 3D effect no matter where they stand. Now whether it is one, two, four, or eight viewpoints are easy to do, but it will be more difficult to do dozens of viewpoints.

In order to make up for some technical limitations of naked-eye 3D technology, some full-color LED display manufacturers have gradually turned to active 3D technology in the process of research and development from time to time. Active 3D technology can also be called shutter-type 3D technology. It is realized by greatly improving the refresh rate of the picture. It divides the image into two groups according to the frame to form the corresponding picture on the left and right, and continues to interlace the generated images. The synchronized on/off operation of the lenses of the shutter glasses sees a 3D image. Different from polarized 3D, it can restore the original resolution of the picture, and you can easily enjoy full HD 3D images, breaking through the limitations of the original naked-eye D multi-view position.

The application of 3D display technology in full-color LED display has greatly changed people’s visual experience, and it has also had a huge impact on the full-color LED display market. As a full-color LED display manufacturer, the technological innovation from 2D display to 3D display Under the situation, it will also face new challenges and impacts.

The application of 3D technology will effectively avoid industry homogeneous competition. The application of 3D technology to full-color LED displays is a brand new field that only a few companies in the mainland are developing. It can be said that the application of 3D technology on the full-color LED display will add additional value to the full-color LED display products. Win the market initiative in the competition. In addition, because the application of 3D technology in LED is a new thing, there is no problem that the market will be dominated by some large production areas or large enterprises in the mainland, and this new field will take the lead.

Secondly, full-color LED display manufacturers need to seek diversified expansion. Affected by 3D display technology, the first to bear the brunt is the conservative 2D display technology screen suppliers. As the market such as participating in the exhibition is more inclined to the needs of content differentiation and personalized image, and more or less turn to 3D technology. , which is bound to affect the aggressive business of traditional 2D suppliers. Therefore, in the face of such a positive and powerful attack, most screen suppliers need to change the strategic direction of their product lines, face challenges in a diversified and differentiated form, and cooperate with 3D full-color LED display manufacturers and institutions to expand Product line, adhere to the vitality of competition, and keep pace with the times