With the development of 3D LED display technology, many businesses have been widely used in major fields such as commercial advertising display and rental activity display. 3D LED display screen belongs to a new generation of display equipment.

Compared with traditional display screen, the picture is more transparent and cool, with 3D effect and stronger sense of technology, which is very popular among users. So, how much does such a high-tech thing cost? Today, I will share with you the price of 3D LED display and the factors that affect the price of transparent screens, hoping to help friends in need.

First,How much is a 3D LED display per square meter:

Compared with traditional displays, 3D LED displays are currently more expensive. Usually the main factors affecting the price include model specifications, transparent screen lamp beads and other materials. At present, the price on the market is about 6000~12000 yuan/square meter. This is only the area of ​​the screen, other accessories are not included.

  1. The 3D LED display screen accounts for about 60%, mainly because the accessories include power supply, power cord, box, cable, etc., more than that, the transparent screen lamp beads will have pixels, power, size and point spacing, etc. different, so there are different factors in the price.
  2. The main supporting equipment and accessories of the transparent screen are computers, power distribution cabinets, and video processors (optional).
  3. In the engineering part, screen structure, wiring, installation and debugging, etc.
  4. A small part of the cost of logistics costs, control cards, packaging fees, etc.

In addition to the points mentioned above, it is necessary to tell you about several important factors that affect the price of LED transparent displays.

3D LED display
3D LED display

Second, the factors affecting the price of 3D LED display:

  1. Don’t just look at the price when buying a transparent screen

Among many factors, price is often an important factor in the sales of 3D LED display screens. However, everyone understands that you get what you pay for, but before choosing, many will still prefer low prices, and products will often be ignored when there is a huge price difference. Quality, in the actual use process, the probability of many bad contacts, dead lights, and short circuits is greatly increased. This person’s after-sales problems will continue to receive feedback from customers, which is very time-consuming.

  1. The same model is not necessarily the same product

In the sales process of 3D LED display, customers will encounter the same type of display, why your price is much more expensive than other companies, these are quoted to customers according to the company’s market channel price, these are formal The quotation shows that the quality and materials of the product are reliable. If the quotation is low, the possibility of the inferior materials of the product you use will be relatively large.

The use of unknown lamp bead brands will lead to color cast and dead lamp phenomenon, and the service life will be reduced. Greatly reduced, the use of unknown power supplies, low power efficiency, serious heat generation and other issues are all under consideration. led-technic is a manufacturer integrating LED display sales, manufacturing, processing, logistics and distribution. All prices are first-hand resources!

3D LED display
3D LED display
  1. The higher the technical specification parameter value, the better

Many customers will compare the price and technical parameters of several 3D LED displays, and the technical parameters will be the winner, because the customer thinks that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display.

For example, if the brightness of the customer is too high, it will be dazzling and affect the viewing. In terms of service life, it is easy to overdraw the life of the transparent screen in advance if the brightness is too high.

Therefore, reasonable brightness is the correct solution, not the higher the brightness, the better. And the high-brightness models are generally much more expensive. We must choose a reasonable product according to the actual use environment and purpose.

  1. 3D LED display production and testing are not short enough

There are many customers who buy 3D LED display screens and must get the goods as soon as they place an order. In fact, it is wrong. However, after the production of 3D LED display screens, at least 48 hours of aging and lighting tests are required to troubleshoot color cast and dead lights. , make sure that the problem is solved before shipment.

The above is everything related to the price of 3D LED display. In addition, you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing transparent LED screens:

  1. Place: Please explain the installation environment of the pre-made transparent screen: indoor or outdoor display, installed on the wall or hoisted.
  2. Spacing size: Please specify the specifications of the transparent screen to be selected. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service.
  3. The desired effect: Provide the viewing distance of the 3D LED display after installation.
  4. Please indicate the area of ​​the transparent LED display to be made, and determine the specific length and width of the display. If you only know the approximate area, you can recommend that the conventional aspect size is made in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, so that the aspect ratio of the screen is more coordinated and the display effect is perfect.

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