In the past two years, naked-eye 3D LED displays have appeared frequently, attracting everyone’s attention with their shocking and realistic picture effects. However, the 3D LED technology is very successful now. The technology of naked-eye 3D LED display first appeared in 2012. At that time, there were not many practical application cases, mainly because of the lack of related technologies and the lack of resources and application layout, which hindered This technology is widespread.

However, the good news is that with the wider application of LED display, people’s demand for creative display is getting higher and higher, and two-dimensional flat display can no longer meet the growing demand. The world’s three-dimensional information, therefore, the application of 3D display technology on LED transparent screens has become a research hotspot and direction in recent years.

innovation of naked-eye 3D LED technology makes another Internet celebrity check-in address appear

Recently, it has been reported that Shenzhen Wenheyou has attracted tens of thousands of Shenzhen residents to check in, which has exploded the circle of friends. According to media statistics, Shenzhen Wenheyou has queued up to call for more than 50,000 tables.

At the same time, it rushed to the naked-eye 3D LED screen that was searched in the same city. The “Space-Time Peeling” work peeled off the wall to reveal the large LED screen. It was full of industrial style, and the special effects were as realistic as a sci-fi movie. The naked-eye 3D corner LED screen created a dream. In the corner of the wall, many netizens left messages, “I want to repair it with obsessive-compulsive disorder.” At the same time, the naked-eye 3D LED display is favored by consumers for its real and vivid expression, beautiful and elegant environmental appeal, and strong and shocking visual impact.

Compared with other screens, the 3D LED display pixels can emit light by themselves, with higher brightness, more vivid colors, higher contrast, ultra-thin and light, etc., with a natural and comfortable field of view and a wider viewing angle, which can be integrated into The creative display creates a more realistic and shocking immersive experience scene, and has broad prospects in immersive specific places such as science and technology museums, tourist halls, and stages.

Naked eye 3D LED display

In addition to the recent popular Shenzhen Wenheyou, we are taking a look at some pre-production application cases of naked-eye 3D LED displays, such as the creative highlights of these popular public art expressions.

Chongqing giant naked-eye 3D screen debuts at Guanyin Bridge

The 3D spaceship that appears on a large LED screen at Guanyin Bridge in Chongqing makes people call it cool. The 3D effect of the spaceship playing on the screen is very realistic. It is understood that the total area of ​​the 3788 Asia Light LED large screen has reached 3788 square meters, and the physical resolution has reached 8K.

3d led display screen

Zhang Chengliang, chief engineer of the LED scree design, said that during the design process, because the screen area is huge and covers both sides of the building, the optimal viewing position and the design of the entire spacecraft circulation became the most difficult points for the team to consider. After layers of layout and testing, the current scene was finally completed.

No matter which angle the audience watches from, they can see the visual scene of the three-dimensional spaceship flying out of the building. This is thanks to the unique T9-radiation angle designed by the LED scree. Through the special semicircular radiation angle, the semicircle All viewers within the angle can see the same stereoscopic scene.

Chengdu Taikoo Li naked eye 3D large screen

The naked-eye 3D spaceship giant screen on the streets of Taikoo Li, Chengdu was shocked and lit up, and the cool black technology display instantly detonated the comments from the national and even overseas media, and a large number of tourists rushed to the scene to experience the ultimate visual experience brought by the big screen. Crazy likes for China’s black technology, which refreshed the world’s new understanding of China’s display technology.

The country’s largest naked-eye 3D ultra-high-definition curved LED display

Not long ago, the newly upgraded Xindaxin Department Store on Beijing Road Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou also used a naked-eye 3D ultra-high-definition curved LED display. “Huanyan” makes the century-old store “cool”.

Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship
Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship

The “Dragon Soaring” and many other pictures displayed on this screen are not only beautiful, but also vivid and vivid. The realistic sound and picture are like watching a 3D sci-fi blockbuster in a cinema, which surprised all the viewers and stopped to watch it. At present, the screen has become Guangzhou’s new city “business card” and a check-in point for many Internet celebrities.

Therefore, the naked-eye 3D LED display has become the most significant visual feature of contemporary cities, and the naked-eye 3D LED display has a wider application space and market prospects on the basis. It can expand a broader market space for 3D advertising in different outdoor places such as stadiums, commercial applications, banks, securities, postal services, docks, shopping malls, stations, postal services, telecommunications, institutions, surveillance, schools, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and other outdoor venues. .

In its unique way, the naked-eye 3D LED display can not only make the picture come alive, but also can be used with modern VR imaging technology. According to media reports, a well-known 3D LED manufacturer in Shenzhen is integrating naked-eye 3D LED display technology and VR imaging technology to create a more realistic and realistic scene. Immersive, such a feeling is really wonderful.