In recent years, 3D technology has become more and more mature, from 3D movies in indoor theaters to outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens, which can bring us a very good visual experience. Especially in the past one or two years, the naked-eye 3D large screen has given us a lot of surprises and shocks with its realistic visual effects.This includes the naked-eye 3D mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On April 1 this year, the naked-eye 3D animation promotional video of the mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games was broadcast in the Wensan Digital Living District, Xihu District. This is also the first show of the 3D images of the mascots of the Hangzhou Asian Games “Chenchen”, “Cong Cong” and “Lianlian”. Friends, please click on the video below to experience the charm of the “Three Treasures of the Asian Games”.

Hangzhou Asian Games naked-eye 3D mascot
Hangzhou Asian Games naked-eye 3D mascot

The naked-eye 3D video of the Asian Games mascots is divided into 4 scenes. “Cong Cong”, “Chen Chen” and “Lian Lian” respectively show three sports scenes including football, sailing and e-sports. Each section is designed with 3D animation effects to make the mascot of the Asian Games “live”.

At the end, three mascots “broken the screen” leaped out. This event was jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, the Hangzhou Learning Platform of “Learning to Power the Nation” and the West Lake Cultural Tourism Group.

The naked-eye 3D giant electronic screen located at the intersection of Wensan Road and Xueyuan Road in Xihu District is a newly added Internet celebrity check-in place in Hangzhou. One of the landmark projects in the upgrading and renovation of Wensan Digital Life District.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, the big screen will use 3D naked-eye viewing technology and new video interaction mode to carry out activities such as live broadcast of Asian Games events, providing a characteristic carrier and viewing space for the dissemination of Asian Games culture and Asian Games spirit.

In February 2021, Hangzhou proposed to develop a new consumption model of “digital +” and “experience +” of online and offline interaction, and started the task of building Wensan digital life blocks.

A month later, Xihu District set a goal to comprehensively renovate and upgrade Wensan Road, making it a leading demonstration site of “Digital Intelligence Hangzhou” and the first street for digital life in the country, and to describe the “Qingming Riverside Map” in the new era.

What kind of digital life can Hangzhou people experience in Wensan Digital Life Street? The theme keywords set by Xihu District for the block are: digital, life, punching, traffic, young, full-time.

Through these keywords, it is not difficult for us to imagine the future digital life built in this neighborhood. Convenient transportation, creative space design, humanized functional design, and trendy consumer experience.

The construction of digital life blocks should not only meet people’s increasing daily needs, but also meet people’s imagination of the future, as well as more aesthetic tastes of young people, and the pursuit of future life.

Hangzhou Asian Games
Hangzhou Asian Games

In November 2021, the Xihu District Data Resource Administration released five scenarios of Wensan Digital Living District’s operation of Rubik’s Cube management platform, block applet, smart parking, parallel world, and AutoNavi one-click tour in the block, a new version of the online “Wen San Street” is under construction.

With the debut of the 3D image of the mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the huge naked-eye 3D electronic screen, this “Hangzhou’s most prestigious digital street” has drawn back the attention of Hangzhou people. Projects such as “Smart Pharmacy” and Scent Yuan Universe (the first store in the country) that have successively settled in Wensan Digital Life District are also rebuilding a new urban district that can better meet the needs of Hangzhou people’s digital life.

Seeing this, we might as well talk about the advantages of the naked-eye 3D large screen. Glasses-free 3D technology converts traditional print advertisements into naked-eye 3D advertisements. Its novel and shocking display form has an indescribable visual impact on viewers, which is also a way to impress viewers.

Hangzhou Asian Games
Hangzhou Asian Games

The secondary transmission rate of naked-eye 3D advertisements, the publicity effect produced, and the discussions that can be triggered are all visible to the naked eye. In the current Internet era, whether it is the brand itself or the enterprise itself, the popularity and traffic will be followed by its development. have a great impact. In addition, the growing maturity of glasses-free 3D has also changed the single advertising market, and has shown us the charm of multimedia technology, which is also a kind of knowledge dissemination for us.

The application of naked-eye 3D large screens will definitely become more extensive in the future development, and a visual revolution is also an inevitable development trend. Although it is said that it will face certain difficulties in the display market in the future, I believe that the power of technology and the needs of the majority of users will continue to solve the problem.

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