In order to promote the development of urban night economy, night culture, and night tourism, and to promote domestic and foreign culture and art, Chongqing held a large-scale light and shadow feast ” by naked-eye 3D giant screen”Charming Mountain City, Chongqing Sees the Future” 2021 Chongqing Lighting Art Season”.This event has received strong support from the society and the industry.

As a strategic partner of the event, LED SCREE not only provided sponsorship and naked-eye 3D giant screen for the three competitions, but also set up a UBox experience hall at the venue. So, what kind of company is LED SCREE? What kind of cooperation did you have with Chongqing Lighting Art Festival? What kind of sparks will the collision of the two spark? Now, let’s find out together~~

Q: At present, the Festival of Lights is one of the international mainstream urban events, and it has played an important role in promoting the tourism economy and the building of urban cultural brands. What do you think about this?

A: As a complex integrating different industries such as culture, tourism and lighting, the Lighting Festival has now become an important starting point for promoting the city’s cultural tourism economy and building an urban cultural brand.

On the one hand, the holding of the Festival of Lights can promote the integrated development of various industries and economies in the city. The Lighting Festival is not a simple light show. It includes the popular naked-eye 3D giant screens, XR virtual immersive scenes, human-computer intelligent interaction and other emerging technologies, and fully taps local cultural tourism products and characteristic cultural tourism resources.

Consumer demand in catering, hotel, transportation and other fields; at the same time, through the in-depth integration of urban culture and customs and lighting art, vigorously excavate urban cultural genes and promote the development of urban cultural tourism.

On the other hand, the Festival of Lights is the best stage to display the city’s image and cultural heritage. Through the popular creative display methods such as naked-eye 3D and light shows, it has huge exposure and influence, and has a strong impact on shaping the city’s image and reputation. Strong publicity can greatly increase the city’s self-confidence and pride.

Naked eye 3D LED display

Q: Why did LED SCREE choose to become the strategic partner of the Chongqing Lighting Art Festival? What do you hope the cooperation with Chongqing Lighting Art Festival will bring to Unilumin?

A: In recent years, with the outbreak of urban cultural tourism and night economy, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Notice on the Construction of the First Batch of National Night Culture and Tourism Consumption Agglomeration Areas”, which clearly pointed out that the selection will be made in batches.

Build more than 200 national-level night-time cultural and tourism consumption in line with the development direction of culture and tourism, rich in cultural connotation, prominent regional characteristics, large scale of cultural and tourism consumption, high consumption quality and level, and typical demonstration and leading role. agglomeration area. The promulgation of the “Notice” has added heat to the hot night economy and the development of the cultural tourjism industry.

At the moment when the consumption mode is changing from a single format to a multi-industry and scene-integrated mode, XR immersive virtual scenes, naked-eye 3D displays, light shows, etc. are LED applications with great commercial and cultural value. The huge advantages in terms of brand value, brand appreciation, and the creation of Internet celebrity landmarks have become a powerful starting point for the development of the night economy and cultural tourism industry in various places.

As a leader in my country’s LED light display industry, LED SCREE has been deeply engaged in the fields of light show, cultural tourism performance and naked eye 3D for a long time. It not only has a complete light display product line, but also formed a set of LED application hardware, display control operation and maintenance software. , creative content, intelligent interaction in one of the multi-scene light display solutions, can provide our customers with external cultural and creative landscapes, internal immersive spaces (immersive atrium, immersive studio, etc.), light display interactive experience, XR business It provides full-scene, one-stop services for applications and naked-eye 3D creative content, and has created a large number of cultural tourism night tourism benchmark projects in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Hefei and other places, with outstanding technical advantages and rich project experience.

Naked eye 3D LED display

With the theme of “Charming Mountain City, Chongqing Sees the Future”, the Chongqing Lighting Art Season provides a platform for art creators across the country and the world to display and communicate. It is also a stage for displaying the history and folk culture of Chongqing Bayu. Night tour landmarks promote the development of night economy, night culture and night tourism in Chongqing. It has a wide audience in the lighting, cultural tourism, and interactive industries, with more than 20 million people radiating it. It is a highly influential event in the industry.

The starting point of the Chongqing Lighting Art Season is highly consistent with Unilumin’s business layout and corporate advantages. Unilumin hopes to take this opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts and art creators, and promote higher-quality applications of Unilumin’s naked-eye 3D, XR virtual scenes and urban landscape lighting in urban night economy, night culture, night tourism and other fields.
At the same time, LED SCREE also expects to deeply participate in Chongqing’s urban construction and landscape upgrade through this platform, and contribute to Chongqing’s creation of global classic light shows and night-time landmarks.

Q: How did the cooperation between LED SCREE and Chongqing Lighting Art Festival unfold? Why choose this way of cooperation?

A: As a strategic partner of Chongqing Lighting Art Festival, LED SCREE has three aspects:

First, LED SCREE will sponsor the Chongqing Lighting Art Installation Competition, the Chongqing Interactive Giant Screen-Naked Eye 3D Interactive Art Competition, and the Chongqing Lighting Art Competition, commend outstanding works, and encourage high-quality innovative products in the fields of lighting art and naked-eye 3D interaction. creator.

Second, during the Chongqing Lighting Art Season, LED SCREE will set up a UBox experience hall at the venue. Based on Unilumin’s LED display and creative solutions, the experience hall can provide citizens and friends with a unique immersive interactive play experience, and strive to enrich the content of the lighting art season.

Third, during the event, LED SCREE will provide a naked-eye 3D giant screen for the naked-eye 3D interactive art competition for the broadcast and exhibition of the entries.

3d led display screen

After years of precipitation and development, LED SCREE has taken a leading position in the field of naked-eye 3D creative display through the business layout of “hardware + software + content + interaction”. LED SCREE hopes to showcase the technical advantages and practical achievements of LED SCREE in the field of naked-eye 3D display through the above cooperation with Chongqing Lighting Art Festival, and enhance the brand influence of LED SCREE; at the same time, it also hopes to encourage outstanding creators. Leading role, drive the entire industry to develop faster and better, and bring people a better audio-visual life experience.

Q: In your opinion, what impact will this cooperation bring to LED SCREE and Chongqing Lighting Art Season?

A: For LED SCREE, the Chongqing Lighting Art Festival is an important platform for industry and cultural exchanges, which is conducive to displaying the leading image of LED SCREE in the field of naked eye 3D; at the same time, it is conducive to the development of talents and resources in the fields of design, interaction and content production. The efficient integration of LED SCREE has continuously improved Unilumin’s “hardware + software + content + interaction” one-stop solution and service capabilities, providing a new driving force for the development of LED SCREE.

LED SCREE will expand the influence of Chongqing Lighting Art Festival through its leading role in the industry; and provide guarantee for the smooth holding of various activities through LED display, lighting software and hardware technology and financial support.

Q: As a strategic partner of the Chongqing Lighting Art Season, do you have any suggestions for the development of the 2021 Chongqing Lighting Art Season?

LED SCREE: As a major urban event, the operation mode of the Lighting Festival has become more and more mature, but its integration with the cultural tourism industry and new business development still has a lot of room for improvement.

First, build a brand. The Chongqing Lighting Art Festival should make good use of the cultural tourism and artistic resources of the entire city of Chongqing, and through the integration of scientific resources, make the Lighting Festival an important annual (or once a month) event in Chongqing and an important brand for spreading Bayu culture. Long-term promotion of the development of Chongqing’s cultural tourism industry.

Second, business model innovation. It is necessary to strengthen the innovation and development of peripheral products and business models of the art season, get rid of the revenue-generating model of the traditional light festival relying on ticket revenue, develop creative, distinctive and Bayu-like peripheral products, and boldly try new content forms, such as music Festival, light and shadow art exhibition, etc., to create a unique and successful business model for the Chongqing Lighting Art Festival.

3d led display
3d led display

Third, industrial extension. The Chongqing Lighting Art Season needs to be considered in a holistic way. The Lighting Festival should not be limited to cultural tourism and lighting. Based on this, we should extend and expand the goals and reasonably extend all the industrial chains involved in the Lighting Art Season. This will enable related industries to integrate and develop in this hot land of Chongqing and create more benefits.

Q: Please talk about your expectations and message for the Chongqing Lighting Art Festival.

LED SCREE: LED SCREE will establish a continuous and stable cooperative relationship with Chongqing Lighting Art Festival, give full play to their respective resource advantages and influence, and work together to build Chongqing Lighting Art Festival into an authoritative award in related fields such as naked eye 3D and lighting art, and vigorously explore the Based on technologies such as lighting art, naked-eye 3D, and XR immersive virtual scenes, the new model of high-quality economic development at night with extensive participation of citizens has made important contributions to urban development.

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