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What is the trend of 3D LED display?

The naked-eye 3D LED display screen has been frequently searched on Weibo, and the video has been forwarded and played more than 100,000 times. In addition to the hot search list, naked-eye 3D will also blossom everywhere in 2021. What trends are hidden behind these new changes? What will be the link to the development of the display market in 2022? In this context, the led-technic industry research center has cooperated with the core manufacturers […]

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How much is a square 3D LED display screen?

With the development of 3D LED display technology, many businesses have been widely used in major fields such as commercial advertising display and rental activity display. 3D LED display screen belongs to a new generation of display equipment. Compared with traditional display screen, the picture is more transparent and cool, with 3D effect and stronger sense of technology, which is very popular among users. So, how much does such a high-tech thing cost? Today, I […]

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