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Nova H9

Glasses-free 3D display solutions for indoor immersive exhibition halls

With the rapid development of digital multimedia, high-tech digital interactive creative screens are more and more used in exhibition halls. Among them, the immersive exhibition hall, with its gorgeous Glasses-free 3D display effect and all-round sensory experience, once became a “new favorite”. With its large resolution and better display effect, the LED display has become the main display solution for immersive scenes. It is very popular in exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other scenes, subverting […]

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What is the technology behind the naked eye 3D large screen that amazes the entire network?

From the 3D wave screen of the SM Building in South Korea, which has sparked discussions on the entire network, to the popularity of LED naked eye 3D large screen in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places, these realistic display effects have refreshed the public’s perception of naked-eye 3D display technology. Glasses-free 3D screens in various places have also been added to tourists’ check-in packages for Internet celebrities, becoming a classic case of outdoor advertising, […]

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Hangzhou Asian Games naked-eye 3D mascot

Digital display helps Hangzhou Asian Games, naked-eye 3D mascot

In recent years, 3D technology has become more and more mature, from 3D movies in indoor theaters to outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens, which can bring us a very good visual experience. Especially in the past one or two years, the naked-eye 3D large screen has given us a lot of surprises and shocks with its realistic visual effects.This includes the naked-eye 3D mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games. On April 1 this year, the […]

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