From the 3D wave screen of the SM Building in South Korea, which has sparked discussions on the entire network, to the popularity of LED naked eye 3D large screen in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places, these realistic display effects have refreshed the public’s perception of naked-eye 3D display technology.

Glasses-free 3D screens in various places have also been added to tourists’ check-in packages for Internet celebrities, becoming a classic case of outdoor advertising, and “naked-eye 3D” has quickly become a hot word in the industry. All the amazing display effects are inseparable from the support of technology. The following will reveal how these dazzling naked-eye 3D LED displays are realized.

Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship
Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship
Guangzhou Beijing Road Curved Screen
Guangzhou Beijing Road Curved Screen
Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen
Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen

All use the products of National Star RGB Super Division as the core display device

How to achieve such a realistic 3D effect?

As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complex nervous system. The reason why the human eye sees anything is three-dimensional is because the two eyeballs of the human eye see two images through the small separation distance between the human eyes. There are subtle differences in the picture.

This subtle difference allows the brain to convert the spatial coordinates between objects in the direction in which the line of sight disappears, and we also use this feeling to distinguish the distance and size of objects, that is, three-dimensional sense. , also known as the sense of three-dimensional space.

Visual synthesis renderings
Schematic diagram of binocular parallax producing stereoscopic vision

Usually the basic principle of 3D display, such as 3D movies, is to separate the content for the left and right eyes of the viewer through glasses or other equipment, so that the two glasses can obtain the images of the left and right eyes respectively, and finally to What is presented in the mind is the feeling of 3D images

However, the cost of LED display to achieve naked-eye 3D effect is much higher than that of wearing 3D glasses in theaters. In fact, most of the current LED large screens to achieve naked-eye 3D use the distance, size, shadow effect and perspective relationship of objects to build a three-dimensional effect in a two-dimensional picture. Just like when we look at sketches, painters can use pencils to draw three-dimensional images that are fake and real.

Visual synthesis renderings

How to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect? Just make good use of the reference. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation part “break through” the white line and cover the other elements of the layer, so that the parallax of the eyes can be used to form the illusion of 3D.

The 3D wave screen of the SM Building, which amazes the whole network as soon as it debuts, uses the shadow of the background as a static stereo reference line, giving the moving waves a feeling of breaking through the screen.

This is not enough. Have you noticed that the 3D LED screens that have become popular recently are all composed of two surfaces with different angles. The display screen folds the screen 90°, using video material that conforms to the principle of perspective, the left screen shows the left view of the image, and the right screen shows the main view of the image. When people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the object at the same time. Side and front, showing a realistic three-dimensional effect.

The following is a simplified animation of 3D waves to show you the principle.

Simplified animation of 3D ocean waves
Simplified animation of 3D ocean waves

The hero behind the Internet celebrity 3D screen – REESTAR

The seemingly stunning display effect is behind countless technical polishing and strong product support.

Achieving stunning 3D display effects requires high refresh, high grayscale, high dynamic contrast, smooth transition between curved surfaces and corners, and the production level of video materials on the display screen hardware, which requires superior color expression. of stable display devices as support.

This is why although there are many manufacturers of LED displays, there are very few manufacturers that can produce 3D LED displays. A large part of the reason is that the hardware and technology are difficult to meet the standards.

Taking Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen 3D screen as an example, the high-end brand REESTAR series products of the National Star RGB Super Division are used as the core display devices, which have excellent performance in various indicators, including pin bending, multiple waterproof and matte designs, etc. Patented technology, delicate picture quality and brilliant colors.

It has the characteristics of high brightness, long life, long warranty, etc., and has excellent performance in terms of clarity, brightness, contrast and wide color gamut, showing excellent visual effects to the audience.

Contrast Design
Five-sided inkjet technology——Contrast Design
Patented technology of low pin and high bending – structure design
Multiple waterproof design


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