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What is the technology behind the naked eye 3D large screen that amazes the entire network?

From the 3D wave screen of the SM Building in South Korea, which has sparked discussions on the entire network, to the popularity of LED naked eye 3D large screen in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places, these realistic display effects have refreshed the public’s perception of naked-eye 3D display technology. Glasses-free 3D screens in various places have also been added to tourists’ check-in packages for Internet celebrities, becoming a classic case of outdoor advertising, […]

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Naked eye 3D LED display

LED Scree: Explore a new model of high-quality development of the night economy

In order to promote the development of urban night economy, night culture, and night tourism, and to promote domestic and foreign culture and art, Chongqing held a large-scale light and shadow feast ” by naked-eye 3D giant screen”Charming Mountain City, Chongqing Sees the Future” 2021 Chongqing Lighting Art Season”.This event has received strong support from the society and the industry. As a strategic partner of the event, LED SCREE not only provided sponsorship and naked-eye […]

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