Many businesses have developed a new visual experience, combined with naked-eye 3D display technology, to give people an extremely realistic and highly immersive visual sensory experience. Outdoor LED advertising fully displays its diverse display charm, so that high-end luxury goods, fast-moving consumer goods, technology products and other industries have more strong advertising needs and forms.

In recent years, the demand for outdoor advertising has continued to rise, and the technology of large LED screens has continued to mature. Naked eye 3D HD LED display has become the mainstream of today’s media advertising, with high-quality advertising images, rich colors, and dynamic advertising images and videos that look and feel. At present, the “pattern” of outdoor LED displays has changed.

It is understood that the ocean wave tank in Seoul, South Korea simulates the turbulent picture of the ocean waves, and gives people an immersive feeling through sound effects, light and shadow blending and other forms. It can be seen that the visual sensory experience is gradually becoming a “hard standard” in the development process of LED display. Compared with the traditional LED large screen, the traditional outdoor display large screen can become an important “landscape point” and an Internet celebrity “landmark” in the city by playing advertisements, thereby increasing the vitality of the city and the influence of commercial streets. It is the LED in the visual art era. The development direction of large screen.

naked eye 3D hd LED display
naked eye 3D hd LED display

It is understood that on October 2, 2020, “Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship” was listed on Weibo’s national real-time hot search list TOP5, with 320 million views and 56,000 discussions. In addition, on the Douyin platform, “Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship” is also very popular. A single video has reached 200,000+ likes and tens of millions of views. Through this case, the emerging naked-eye 3D LED technology illustrates that sometimes creativity and content are more important. People’s pursuit of vision must be creative and novel, display ingenious, and interesting in content, rather than a single boring 2D flat display. Therefore, when the LED display is applied, it is necessary to combine technology and creativity, and at the same time pay attention to the development of the scene. Only in this way can the visual sensory experience of the LED display be more colorful.

Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship
Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship

Application value of Naked eye 3D HD LED display:

  1. Precise placement, zero-distance coverage of the target circle, outdoor 3D LED large screens are mainly concentrated in the city’s core CBD business district, densely populated traffic arterials, high-end residential walls, etc., providing advertisers with rich and accurate placement options. 3D LED large-screen advertisements are concentrated in the urban circles with high and strong consumer demand, and have huge space value. The 3D LED large-screen advertisement in the core business district has three characteristics: the cost per 1,000 people is as low as 68 yuan, the number of people is as high as 850,000 people per day, and the per capita stay in front of the screen is as long as about 7 minutes.
  2. Precise marketing value, aggregating target groups, 3D LED large-screen advertisements are concentrated in high consumer demand and economically active locations, close to consumers’ life and work scenes, allowing the target group to lock the brand name at a glance, ensuring the advertising Accurately reach and improve marketing value. According to relevant data research, most of the outdoor 3D LED large screen locks are people with stable and stable jobs. Among them, middle and senior managers and people with a college degree or above are 32% and 74% respectively, and white-collar workers account for more than 60%. Relatively strong, especially focusing on technology products, financial management, automobiles, tourism, clothing, real estate and other products.
  3. The conversion of 3D advertising effects helps audience recognition and conversion of advertising effects. A very significant feature of 3D outdoor LED large-screen media is that it attracts the attention of target audiences within an effective time. Both advertisers and media operators are more inclined to outdoor The advertisements of powerful big brands and leading brands in various industries are broadcast on the LED3D large-screen media. Because this media has a greater influence on the improvement of brand and product impressions, and it has deepened the impression on the audience for a long time, the behavior of the audience is affected by advertisements. Influence, will produce follow-up behavioral intentions will play a pivotal role in consumer purchases.
  4. Display the “high-end” brand value and establish a high-quality brand image. It can be predicted from the data that in the eyes of the audience, 3D LED display advertisements have more shocking and strong stereoscopic visual impact, high-quality, high-end advertisements than canvas advertisements and light box advertisements. The advantages of fashion, huge area, and eye-catching stand out, so that the brand and product advertisements on it have a “high-end” image value, which improves the audience’s acceptance of the brand.
  5. High reach rate, effectively cover the audience, and achieve high reach rate. The outdoor LED large screen has a large screen area, clear picture quality, brilliant colors, and can bring people a strong visual impact, which is easy to attract the attention of the audience, which is conducive to LED The effective transmission and understanding of information in large-screen media, coupled with the characteristics of wide audience coverage, can achieve a high reach rate.
  6. Unique space value, outdoor LED large screens are mostly located in the core business districts of the city, as well as other places with high traffic flow. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, these prosperous business districts and functional places It has become the main event venue for the urban mainstream crowd, so the outdoor LED large-screen media has the characteristics of scarcity and core, and this form of media has great marketing value and quality.
3d led display screen
3d led display screen

With the widespread application of 5G and 8K technologies, the future of naked-eye 3D high-definition LED displays is even more immeasurable. The upgrading of outdoor LED displays is also imperative to make outdoor LED large screens more intelligent. Guangzhou Lange is a high-tech enterprise in commercial display for more than ten years. It has rich case experience in LED large screen and helps various fields and industries to provide high-quality commercial display solution experts. Welcome to consult.

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