With the rapid development of digital multimedia, high-tech digital interactive creative screens are more and more used in exhibition halls. Among them, the immersive exhibition hall, with its gorgeous Glasses-free 3D display effect and all-round sensory experience, once became a “new favorite”.

With its large resolution and better display effect, the LED display has become the main display solution for immersive scenes. It is very popular in exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other scenes, subverting people’s inherent impression of traditional displays. With more diversified development, especially with the continuous maturity of 5G, artificial intelligence, VR, AR and other technologies, more and more new technologies will be applied to LED displays, opening a new process of immersive experience.

Glasses-free 3D display

Solution overview and system architecture

It consists of LED naked-eye 3D large screen, control system and video splicing equipment, multi-channel media broadcast control software and video server, audio system, synchronous video server platform, and intelligent central control system. feel

LED naked eye 3D large screen, control system and video splicing equipment

The brightness of the LED screen is higher than that of traditional LCD splicing and other display media, and it can be applied to naked-eye 3D display in a high-illumination environment, and the viewing effect is good, and the advantages of seamless splicing are also very prominent. The display can present an overall display effect and an immersive visual experience.

The LED naked-eye 3D spatial vision technology is based on the splicing of large-resolution LED screens. It uses the principle of “deformation” to recombine the composition of the video picture, and uses this seemingly distorted projection method to create a true naked-eye 3D. Visual art expression.

Therefore, the LED display is no longer limited to the traditional flat screen with a rectangular and square structure. It must have more imagination space, so that the 3D effect will be better. Therefore, before the design, the shape of the LED display can be set at will. For example, corners, laces, diamond wrapping, triangular finishing, etc., combined with 3D software and video editing software to render customized playback materials, can achieve naked-eye 3D stereo effects of various special-shaped screens.

The control system and video splicing equipment adopts DH-LCS-V1000 series two-in-one super splicing control and flagship receiving card A8s/A10s Plus to analyze, process and present the picture signal given by the playback system, and present the clarity, grayscale and The best display effect of color can bring excellent stereoscopic visual experience.

Multi-channel media broadcast control software and video server

More professional multi-channel media playback control software and decoders can support 8K~16K resolution video playback, and support the underlying optimization of high-code stream decoding; while the video server running professional multi-channel media playback control software requires a professional graphics workstation ( G4000 video server has built-in multi-channel media broadcast control software), if encountering a large screen, multiple professional graphics workstations and multi-graphics frame synchronization cards are required to ensure strict synchronization of the entire screen and no motion tearing.

Customized 3D video material

Closely related to this type of naked-eye 3D is the design and processing of video materials. First, the resolution of the material is customized point-to-point. After selecting the main viewing angle, 3D software is used to make a 3D structure according to the perspective relationship of the display shape, and 3D software is used to build and simulate 3D. Perspective space, and cooperate with professional editing and rendering software to render 3D stereo effect on the video material, and finally use professional multi-channel media playback control software and video server to decode and play to achieve the optimal presentation of spatial 3D dynamic effects.

The following is an example of the production of four-fold screen video material:

1.Create side and bottom screen stretching trends through 3DsMax

2.Cut and deform in the editing software PR

3Ds Max

3.Unity makes the final perspective film source

Unity production

Intelligent central control system

All graphics workstations, LED large-screen control systems, control panels, audio systems, power supplies, machinery and other equipment are connected to Nova’s intelligent central control Vunit2000, interconnected through RS232 or TCP/IP, one-click processing actions, and performance ms-level response , No packet loss and no delay in multi-point distribution.

sound system

A high-fidelity sound system that covers the scene evenly with all frequency bands is usually composed of a multi-channel audio processor, power amplifier, full-range sound, subwoofer, etc.

Core advantages of naked-eye 3D display control solutions for indoor immersive exhibition halls

Although video material is indeed crucial in the operation of the “naked eye 3D” display. But video material alone is not enough, it also needs to rely on the support of the powerful functions of various products, with the high-quality solution of Nova A8s/A10s Plus flagship receiving card and Nova H series two-in-one super control professional The video control scheme has excellent display effects in terms of screen clarity, grayscale and color, so as to present an excellent visual experience.

Nova A8s/A10s Plus flagship receiving card

In terms of hardware: Compared with traditional products, outdoor naked-eye 3D displays pay more attention to high refresh rate, high gray scale, and high dynamic contrast ratio. The A8s/A10s Plus flagship receiver card has professional image quality engine technology, and pixel-level optimization enhances image quality.

Nova A8s
Nova A8s

Mainly through the following key technologies to present a more perfect effect:

22bit+ technology

Realize 64 times dynamic contrast improvement, precise control of 0.001nits brightness, when displaying low-gray images, dark details can still be fully revealed, the image is clearer and sharper, and the image display is more delicate and uniform.

Normal display effect, loss of details in dark parts
Normal display effect, loss of details in dark parts
Turn on 22bit+, the dark details are clear
Turn on 22bit+, the dark details are clear

Fine grayscale technology:

Using professional optical instruments, the 16-bit 65536-level grayscale of the driver IC is efficiently calibrated step by step, effectively improving the low gray color cast, making the LED screen display more accurate grayscale and more natural color transition.

Color Management Technology:

Intelligent color management makes the display color gamut perfectly match the video source color gamut, eliminates color deviation, especially the common phenomena such as reddish skin color, blue sky, green leaves, etc., highly restore the original appearance of the real world, and reproduce the natural color.

color management
Before color management, skin tones are reddish
After color management
Skin tones look natural after color management

Nova H series two-in-one super control

In terms of hardware: the larger the resolution of the naked-eye 3D full-color LED display, the more shocking the effect presented. At this time, the type, quantity and various wires of the splicer, sending card and other equipment used are more complicated. Nova H series two The structure of Heyi Super Pin Control is more streamlined, which not only reduces the number of devices, but also reduces the number of wires (power cables, video signal cables, etc.) by 90%, which improves the stability of the project while maintaining compatibility. The problem is solved. The video processing flow in the same device can also be greatly optimized, greatly reducing the delay time in the middle of video transmission, with higher stability and easier debugging.

A more professional and stable solution is presented mainly through the following features:

  1. Support a complete and flexible control scheme, whether it is a PC or a mobile terminal, the operation is simple and clear, and it can support fast and visual control, what you see is what you get, and the industry-leading multi-user management and multi-authority assignment functions to achieve multi-user collaboration and data Real-time synchronization to ensure operational convenience and security protection of user data
  2. Support input EDID management and output timing custom settings to meet diverse customer needs
  3. Full-link true 4K processing support, the latest 10bit transmission technology, and HDR high dynamic range display
  4. It is the first in the industry to highly integrate the plug-in splicer and the sending card, and the system architecture is more streamlined, saving at least 80% of wires such as DVI cables and power cables, making on-site construction and wiring more convenient, and the computer room more tidy
  5. A single device can replace a maximum of 56 2K sending cards in the traditional scheme. A single device supports up to 200 network port outputs, and can be directly connected to the LED receiving card. The maximum load is 130 million (30K*4K), which greatly saves cabinet space and cost, and improves the System compatibility, stability and convenience
  6. A single two-in-one output board has 20 network ports output, with a maximum load of 13 million, and the width and height can reach 10752. The load is not limited by the DVI interface, which is far greater than the 9.2 million load of the traditional solution.
  7. Multiple 2-in-1 output boards do not need to be cascaded, debugging has never been so easy, and unified brightness adjustment is simple and efficient, all at one go
  8. Compared with the traditional solution, from the signal source to the LED screen display, the overall delay of the system is reduced by at least 2-3 frames, and the effect is excellent
  9. The single output interface is up to 16 windows, and the single machine has a maximum of 160 windows. It can roam freely across the screen, not limited by the output interface, and the utilization rate is very high.
  10. Intelligent editing of 2,000 user-defined scenes on a single machine, seamless switching of radio and television-level fade-in and fade-out, and more scene rotation control.

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