Interesting Glasses-free 3D video electronic screen, intelligent electronic guide signs, multi-functional smart light poles, exquisite swings in the commercial area, and leisurely pocket parks… The brand new Shenzhen Huaqiang Beizhonghang Road attracts passersby.​​

As a work showing the style of Huaqiangbei District, the completion of the pilot project of Huaqiangbei International Technology, Fashion and Culture Street, Zhonghang Road is presented to the public with the characteristic theme of “Technology·Fashion·Culture”, which makes people’s eyes shine.

The development of Huaqiangbei is a microcosm of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up. The Huaqiangbei business district, known as the “First Street of Electronics in China”, after more than 30 years of development, has become the world’s largest electronic product trading and distribution center and a beautiful city card in Shenzhen.

In order to better meet the people’s growing needs for a better life, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Street is based on the reality of the neighborhood, takes the Huaqiangbei International Technology, Fashion and Culture Feature Street Pilot Project as an important starting point, and takes “the core of science and technology, the core of fashion” as the design concept , closely following the theme of Zhonghanglu’s electronic technology and leisure business, and is committed to creating internationalization, a sense of technology, and fashionable cultural characteristics, and building a unique style of electronic technology in the future.​​

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Integrate into smart ecology to maximize space utilization

Huaqiangbei business district is the national electronic product distribution center, and the electronic component market is the main business mode, with a daily flow of 200,000 people. Zhonghang Road is located on the west side of the business district. On the left and right sides are many electronic components markets such as New Asia and Metropolis Electronic City, as well as large shopping malls such as Century Plaza and Zhonghang City Junshang Shopping Center. Commercial sites, large and small trucks entering and leaving goods, and consumer people shuttle back and forth, road congestion is the norm, and daily travel is inconvenient.​​

In order to closely meet the needs and expectations of the citizens and make the flow of vehicles and people more smooth, by improving the road marking system in the block, setting up intelligent electronic guide signs, applying smart light poles that integrate communication and monitoring functions, and maximize the use of smart light poles. space for vehicles and pedestrians. With the emergence of multiple logistics points, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, and orderly traffic guidance, the comfort of citizens’ travel has been improved.

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Customize Glasses-free 3D video electronic screen to create an immersive experience scene

“Huaqiangbei also has Glasses-free 3D video electronic screen!” An exclusive theme naked-eye 3D video with both appearance and sense of technology, in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people, was unveiled, attracting the attention of the general public and tourists. When it comes to LED electronic technology, Huaqiangbei is bound to be at the forefront.

The video takes electronic technology as the theme, and implants the cultural symbol of “Huaqiang North China Electronic First Street” to spread the spirit of the vitality and influence of electronic technology. The immersive technology scene experience gives citizens and tourists a new perception of Huaqiang North. .​​

The surrounding building facade lighting matrix, road step outline lights, flower bed outline lights, tree pond buried lights are integrated with the theme style of Huaqiangbei District. Huaqiangbei Block is an open, technologically advanced cultural and technological space.

More fashionable!

Excavate brand characteristics and enhance the interactive fun of trendy play

Looking ahead, the dazzling design of the building facade of Zhonghang Road interprets that the building is readable and brings many surprises to the public. The facades of 5 buildings with different styles have been cleaned and added with electronic elements such as luminous building fonts, wall washers, contour lights, and LED screens. Not only that, but you can also see various online celebrity check-in points on the road, full of fun and a sense of the future of technology.

3d led display screen

It is worth mentioning that the interactive clock installation on the facade and the ground of the Fiyta Building perfectly integrates brand characteristics and electronic technology to enjoy a trendy interactive experience. On weekends, go to the surrounding AVIC City Junshang Shopping Center, check in the themed interactive installation in the venue, immerse yourself in this trendy life gathering place, and experience the trendy culture of Huaqiangbei.

More casual!

Adhere to the green in the city, spread the aesthetics of life

The fast-paced life in Huaqiangbei makes people walk in a hurry and have little time to rest. After this renovation, the green space in the south square of Jiahe Huaqiang Building has been transformed into a “pocket park” integrating ecology, leisure, art and people-friendly functions.

Roaming here, try to turn 360 degrees, all eyes are green plants, here, there are comfortable rest seats, you can stop and meditate among the flowers and plants, you can try to talk to nature and yourself. Through the combination of green wood + flowers + node flower border, the urban space is lit up with a simple and atmospheric landscape style, and the city is warm, the blocks can be strolled, Huaqiangbei can stay, and the experience and happiness of citizens and tourists can also be obtained. proper lift.

3d led display screen

The Seventh Party Congress in Shenzhen proposed to make the city more livable, resilient and smart, and strive to make Shenzhen a model for modern governance of super-large cities. As Shenzhen’s “urban meeting room”, Futian adheres to the concept of “inside and outside”, implements the reform of “global governance”, and promotes the refined management of urban areas with “embroidery” efforts. Under the strong leadership of the municipal and district governments, Huaqiangbei Street has always adhered to the advantages of China Electronics First Street, fully implemented the new development concept, continued to participate in the transformation process of urban blocks, and took the new responsibility of “rebuilding a Huaqiangbei”. Write a new chapter in the high-quality development of urban areas.

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