The transparent LED display industry is a new product and new application only after 2010. At the beginning, the transparent display single refers to the transparent glass display, because other types of transparent screens have not yet appeared.

After 2017, the transparent LED display screen has undergone diversified development, such as hollowing out the light panel to achieve a transparent screen with a transparency of 50%. People call this grid-type transparent display screen a grid screen. There are also efforts to be transparent and upgrade the previous materials, so there is a classification of ice screens.

So what is the transparent LED display? Why can the transparent effect be achieved?

LED transparent display, as the name implies, is made of transparent display, from the original opaque, optimized to be transparent when viewed from certain angles, reducing the occlusion of light panels and structures to people’s sight, You can clearly see the scene behind the display.

Therefore, the content of the broadcast is made three-dimensional, making people feel like an object suspended in the air, and it is also convenient for people to observe the objects behind the screen, which is very valuable for window advertising. The industry also has the name of the window transparent display.

There are two specific implementation methods of LED transparent display in the industry:

The first method is to improve the traditional LED display, increase the hollow design, and then match the new patch, drive circuit, control system and new module structure to realize the optimization and innovation of LED transparent display.

transparent LED display
transparent LED display
transparent LED display
transparent LED display

Method 2: It is formed by splicing light bars, with a special structure and signal processing method. Some of them use LED lamp beads to emit light from the side, so that the LED transparent display screen can be viewed from the front, and the side area of ​​the light bar that blocks the line of sight is less and more transparent.

Front lighting strip splice module
Front lighting strip splice module

The front-illuminated LED transparent display is not as transparent as the side-illuminated display. However, when viewed from above or below, the transparency is better than that of the light-emitting module (the display screen is viewed from different angles, and the occlusion area is different).

The above two methods are the common methods that are widely used in transparent displays. With the love of customers for personalized customization solutions, many traditional LED displays are gradually being replaced by transparent displays. In many Commercial buildings have been widely used.

Application of transparent display in commercial buildings

In a modern metropolis, there are many commercial buildings and many people, and the city is full of prosperity. The commercial building LED lighting project is not only the landscaping of its own building appearance, but also changes the urban night landscape environment. The colorful buildings make the city night sky bright and starry, highlighting the characteristics of the building itself is the commercial building glass curtain wall lighting design. The essential.

Glass curtain wall is a major architectural decoration method used by modern commercial buildings. In the lighting design, we can choose different lighting methods according to the different uses of the building, and use various lighting products reasonably to avoid extravagance. waste, causing unnecessary loss of resources.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

What are the key points of the lighting design of the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings?

The glass curtain wall lighting design expresses feelings through different lights, and uses lighting techniques to fully render the architectural atmosphere. The cultural and artistic power of LED lighting engineering is a unique way of “materialization” of artistic lighting, infiltrating values ​​and human ecology. into the lighting design.

Among all kinds of commercial building LED lighting tools, transparent LED display is very popular among architectural designers and owners. It has high transmittance and high flexibility, and can be installed on various flat and curved glass curtain walls. It does not affect the daylighting of the building during the day. The transparent display screen takes the curtain wall as the protagonist, and improves the commercial value of the glass curtain wall of the commercial building through the simple lighting design through the modern LED photoelectric language.

Of course, the design of LED lighting projects should never be limited to the level of meeting simple lighting standards, focusing on the harmony and unity of lighting tools and light properties and the subject to be displayed, starting with a solemn and concise, light and bright style.

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