From a source point of view, the rise of naked-eye 3D LED display is mainly due to the progress of its video source production technology and the decline of prices, as well as the progress of supporting software and hardware technology. At the same time, upstream and downstream manufacturers of LED displays are also actively guiding and promoting the development of naked-eye 3D projects, and investing resources to promote the advancement of naked-eye 3D-related software and hardware technologies.

policy support

In recent years, the state’s investment in the cultural tourism industry and the ultra-high-definition display industry has indirectly driven the market sales and dissemination volume of naked-eye 3D screens, and is also conducive to creating a new business card for city representatives.

In early May 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the “14th Five-Year Plan” and other “14th Five-Year Plan” key special projects in 2021, and the “National Key Research and Development Plan “Information Photonic Technology” and other “ten The Fourth Five-Year “Notice of the 2021 Annual Project Application Guidelines for Key Special Projects”, the projects released this time have a total of nearly 5 billion nationally allocated funds.

3D LED display in Shenzhen Palace Museum
3D LED display in Shenzhen Palace Museum

Among them, the core optical components of naked-eye 3D display and the key technology research and development of common technologies and architectures are included in the list.

It is understood that in order to present the experience display effect of naked eye 3D, the hardware of the display screen needs to achieve better contrast ratio and HDR high dynamic range, high refresh, high grayscale, high dynamic contrast, curved surface/ There are high requirements for the smooth transition of corners and the production level of video materials. Under the encouragement of the policy, glasses-free 3D display will be further developed.

On January 10, 2022, the six central departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Propaganda Department issued the “Guidelines for the Implementation of the “One Hundred Cities and One Thousand Screens” Activity” to effectively promote the integrated development of ultra-high-definition video and various industries.

From the analysis of the purposes of cultural publicity, urban image, consumption upgrade, and industrial innovation emphasized in the policy, corresponding to the scenes of important urban business districts, large-scale comprehensive transportation hubs, Internet celebrity landmarks, and cultural venues, there is huge development potential in major cities.

How long will the naked-eye 3D LED display last?

A series of figures and case scenarios show that: in 2021, naked-eye 3D is being promoted to a wider application platform and deeper technical scenarios, and has become a bullseye to promote the urban economy, attracting the participation of a large number of businesses and manufacturers.

Regarding the growth rate of glasses-free 3D in 2021, most manufacturers said that this is very in line with expectations. However, some manufacturers pointed out that although naked-eye 3D is popular, since the supervision and control of outdoor advertising will not be relaxed in 2021, the real projects are still limited. In addition, from the perspective of outdoor advertising screen projects, the period from planning to implementation is relatively long. The projects that will be implemented in 2021 only account for a part of them, and most projects will be implemented in 2022 or even 2023.

3D LED Cube Screen
3D LED Cube Screen

So, can naked-eye 3D maintain its popularity in 2022 and add color to the development of the industry again? In response to this, JYLED, HOLA-LED, LED SCREE and other manufacturers put forward their views.

JYLED: The development of the outdoor naked-eye 3D market depends on the market size and growth rate of outdoor LED solid-mounted LED displays. On the other hand, the development of the glasses-free 3D market depends on whether the outdoor glasses-free 3D display project can bring continuous commercial value returns to end customers. If the answer is yes, then even if the growth rate of the outdoor fixed-installation market slows down, the glasses-free 3D market The share of the outdoor fixed installation market will continue to increase, and the market size will continue to expand.

HOLA-LED: In 2022, it is expected that naked-eye 3D will continue to be popular, and there will be more and more naked-eye 3D large screens on buildings in business districts. Because the large spacing has no technical bottleneck, and the improvement of the user’s visual sensory experience has also become a new market demand for display manufacturers.

LED SCREE: Under the guidance of “One Hundred Cities and One Thousand Screens”, the construction of outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens will be accelerated in 2022. According to the country’s low-carbon and green environmental protection requirements, combined with the current display technology, the newly built naked-eye 3D large screens will According to high quality and high standards, it complies with lead-free process, meets energy-saving certification standards, supports HDR, and reaches ultra-high-definition video resolution. Today, LED SCREE also launches display products in accordance with corresponding standards.

Naked eye 3D dome screen
Naked eye 3D dome screen

With the continuous development of urban construction, glasses-free 3D will still be a hot topic in the industry in the near future. In order to achieve a better display effect, the naked-eye 3D uses a right-angle display as the display carrier; in order to achieve the best display effect such as seamless and smooth right-angle corner screen, after multiple rounds of design and verification, the R&D team of Visionox Guangxu launched the Leading Show + series.


With the blooming of glasses-free 3D, there is no doubt that it will become the second growth curve of the display market in 2022. Commercial value, enterprise technical strength, and policy support have become the three major drivers of naked-eye 3D. With the empowerment of technologies such as naked-eye 3D, the marketing value and commercial value of outdoor LED large display have been further released. However, the industry needs to deeply think about the relationship between creativity, display screen and users, give full play to the advantages of technology, and avoid the phenomenon of popularity becoming a flash in the pan, in order to win a broader development space.

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