I wonder if we have noticed the LED rental display behind the actors when we are watching various performances. The rental LED display is an LED display application product with the characteristics of light weight, small footprint, and easy storage and storage, which can create an immersive experience. stage scene experience.

Some people may be curious, why do so many electronic display products prefer to choose LED rental display for the stage? Let us analyze it in detail.

We all know that in general, many stage performances are not fixed in one place for a long time and continuously. Instead, they will be transferred with the needs of commercial development, so there is a big feature that requires the rental LED screen to move anywhere.

Rental led display case
Rental led display case

The advantage of this is that it can not only reduce the cost, reuse, but also rent the idle LED display to other people who need to use LED display, so it has a strong flexibility when displaying information.

The many bright spots of the LED rental display are also the reasons why the stage performances choose the stage LED rental screen. Let’s take the P2.5 rental LED display as an example to see some of its characteristics.

1. Die-cast aluminum box

Due to the frequent repeated installation, transportation, handling, disassembly, etc. of the LED rental screen, the requirements for the product’s vibration resistance, fire resistance, dustproof and waterproof are much higher than that of the general LED display, and the box body The weight should not be too heavy, after all, the weight is too heavy, and the volume is too large to carry.

Rental led cabinet
Rental led cabinet

For example, the daily use of P2.5 rental LED full-color scree, the weight of the box is about 6.5KG, even a girl can easily lift it up, find a boy with a little more strength, carry and install alone Or disassembly is no problem.

2. Highlight and brush

P2.5 rental LED screen, the pixel pitch is only 2.5mm, even if the viewing distance is relatively close, it will not appear blurred, and the refresh rate reaches 1920Hz, the brightness reaches 4500cd per square meter, and the maximum viewing distance is 3- About 5m, it can be said that it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor stage rental and advertising rental.

3. High protection level

Although the P2.5 rental full-color LED display is mostly used indoors, there are still some basic protections, so as to ensure its stable work. Imagine if during use, because of some small floating objects or Dust affects the use of the entire screen, and it also shows that there is a big problem with the quality of the LED display.

4. Modular Design

Rental led display
Rental led display

This is also a design scheme adopted to better maintain the P2.5 LED full-color rental screen. Because of the frequent disassembly and handling of the rental LED display, it is possible to damage the components of the product if you are not careful. The modular design makes maintenance easier, and it is easy to achieve front and rear maintenance, which can save time and cost.

When assembling, we don’t need to think too much about how to splicing, what will happen if the splicing is wrong, etc. We only need to splicing them one by one in the corresponding order to complete. If it is other LED display installation , Grafting such as steel structure and keel may also need to be considered.

Especially the double-column outdoor LED display will be more obvious, because like this large outdoor fixed installation LED display, the welding structure is only one of the steps. Issues such as size need to be considered.

As the main display equipment in today’s performances, LED rental displays are also constantly updating technology and categories to better present stage effects. For example, ultra-thin LED rental stage displays can create a variety of creative shapes, gradually Participate in the stage design and become the source of inspiration for stage design.

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