Compared with 2021 and 2022, LED display manufacturers have combined LED display with XR virtual shooting, and spread to many scenes. At this stage, they can be applied to scenes such as stage, live broadcast, and new product launches. Expanding the market size of XR also further promotes product implementation.

So from the perspective of LED display companies, will there be new changes in the market in 2022? Let’s take a look at what the major LED manufacturers have to say.

Leyard: With the popularity of the metaverse concept and the repeated epidemics, the demand for higher-level online interactive scenarios continues to increase, and a new type of virtual studio system has emerged. As a new development technology, virtual studio technology has been It has begun to be used in TV shows, online press conferences, live broadcasts and other fields.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

It can be said that virtual technologies represented by AR/VR/MR/XR are driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional media and the reform of live video formats. The demand for immersive, virtual environment, different places on the same screen, and virtual digital human is constantly increasing, and XR live broadcast solutions suitable for live broadcast occasions have also emerged as the times require.

Unilumin Technology: Unilumin Technology stated in its official Weibo that the rapid development of XR virtual filming has quickly occupied the fields of film and TV production, TV program production, commercial shooting, and online celebrity live broadcast, which is not unrelated to the repeated new crown epidemic: Large-scale gatherings of people cannot be achieved, and there are many restrictions on long-distance travel, which has caused great obstacles to the framing and shooting of movies, TV, and commercials.

JYLED: Mr Wu said at the annual meeting of experts that the XR studio can display the highlights and reflections brought by the scene in real time, perfectly simulating the real scene. XR virtual shooting can be specifically applied to various scenarios such as live streaming, new product launches, live content scenes, live reality shows, and car commentary.

Shijue Guangxu: It is expected that the XR studio market will have a rapid growth trend in 2022, and the special effects production software and display equipment related to XR virtual studios and virtual stages will be upgraded to varying degrees. INFiLED will also develop a floor tile screen in terms of display performance and a smaller pitch to match the facade screen and the sky screen to create an immersive three-dimensional space and optimize XR virtual shooting.

Summary: From the perspective of film and television shooting, the replacement of studios is slow and the market demand is limited. The current XR virtual shooting application scenarios are constantly expanding and developing towards diversified scenarios.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

The widening of this demand scenario includes the application of XR virtual shooting in the press conference and other scenarios due to the impact of the epidemic, and also includes the popularity of the metaverse style in the terminal market. The pursuit of “breaking dimension” style such as virtual humans also brings XR virtual shooting new soil.

So how is the XR market at home and abroad this year? What is the layout of the company?

Leyard: In February last year, Leyard’s virtual dynamic point has reached a strategic cooperation with disguise company, and will jointly output virtual stage solutions such as XR stage in the future, create more innovative stage visual effects projects, and promote the implementation of the concept of the Metaverse application. In the future, Leyard will continue to increase investment in R&D, consolidate corporate innovation capabilities, build its own technology platform, and at the same time form feasible application solutions around the VR/AR/XR industry. Become an interactive platform connecting the real world and the digital world.

Shijue Guangxu: In the first quarter, it undertook the construction of xR virtual studios including Fractal Studio in Dubai, and the number of projects was basically the same as last year. In the past six months, the investment in XR shooting at home and abroad has been increasing, but relatively speaking, the overseas investment has been greater. The gap is mainly reflected in the application of XR technology in film production. Top visual studios such as Industrial Light & Magic in the United States are more proficient in this application, and the scene shooting effect is more realistic.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

Xinying Optoelectronics: At present, the development of the overseas market for XR shooting is relatively advanced, and the current orders are mainly in the overseas market. However, domestic LED attempts have begun to attach importance to the XR shooting market.

JYLED: Compared to 2021, XR virtual shooting in 2022 will show a new growth trend. The demand for overseas XR virtual stages and XR virtual studios continues to increase. The domestic demand for top LED display products has not been fully opened, and it is mainly used in large-scale evening parties, live broadcasts, TV drama shootings and other application scenarios. The number of projects this year will continue to rise, because the maturity of applications in related fields is constantly improving, and end users are constantly recognizing the effects of XR in the market advancement.

Nova Nebula: This year, domestic XR virtual shooting has developed rapidly, and large-scale film and television entertainment companies and TV stations are all making efforts. Major LED screen manufacturers are also starting to optimize the screen according to the needs of this market. Nova Nebula has also launched a new MX control system in the XR virtual shooting market, which empowers virtual studios from hardware and software.

Summary: In 2022, the overall demand for XR virtual shooting has risen. The reasons include the impact of the epidemic and the diversification of scenes, which have further promoted the establishment of multiple studios and the demand for virtual shooting on stage screens. At the same time, under the current environment, XR virtual shooting is also facing the impact of rising raw material prices and logistics difficulties under the epidemic. However, compared with the traditional LED large-screen market, XR virtual shooting, as an emerging market, has high growth potential and market potential. larger.

So in the context of diversified applications, will XR virtual shooting gain new added value in the future? Present a more realistic, interactive picture? let us wait and see.

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