LED small pitch related technology is highly mature, and has achieved mass production of 0.9mm commercial display products. And it is still developing in a smaller direction in the future. So what do we often mean by LED small pitch, referring to what?

The first thing we need to know is that the LED display screen, like the LCD display screen, is composed of many densely packed pixels. The pixels on the LED display screen are also LED lamp beads.

Small-pitch LED display means that the distance between the LED lights and the lights on the LED display is less than 2mm. Most of the small-pitch LED displays on the market are made of SMD (surface mount), while the LED lights The size is not uniform, it has big and small. At present, the small can reach SMD1010, that is, the distance between the lamp and the lamp is 1 mm.

At the IS exhibition in 2019, no company can use SMD technology to display lights smaller than 1010, because the physical limit of SMD is 1 mm, and it is impossible to achieve a smaller spacing, otherwise the picture will be torn and seriously affected. The quality of the picture. Because of this, as a COB display that can achieve a smaller pitch, it will be gradually known.

There is a gap between the LED display lights and the lights. The smaller the gap, the clearer and more delicate the display screen, the more pixels displayed per unit, the fuller the image and the softer the color. Moreover, because the LED display screen has some spacing, so in the process of use, we must choose the LED display screen that suits our needs according to the on-site use, try to make the best use of it, and get the best value for money.

p0.6mm mini led
p0.6mm mini led

However, the selection of LED display is not the smaller the dot pitch, the better. This needs to be optimally selected according to the site usage in combination with the point spacing. How much spacing does the LED screen have?

The led display screen is divided into indoor and outdoor use, as well as semi-outdoor. Generally speaking, the dot pitch is less than 2mm (the distance between the two lamp beads), which is collectively referred to as the LED small pitch. The smaller the dot pitch, the better the visibility. The closer the distance is, the indoor LED display has the following spacing: P2.5, P2.0, P1.92, P1.87, P1, 83, P1.56, P1.58, P1.56, P1. 26, P1.25, P1.0, etc.

  • Commonly used indoors are: P2.5, P2.0, P1.875, P1.56, P1.25, other differentiated models are mostly used for bidding control, and the further down, the smaller the point spacing, the more difficult it is to make , its price is also more expensive, so it is used less;
  • Commonly used outdoors are: P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, etc. At present, P16 and P20 and in-line LED displays with high point spacing are not commonly used.

The above are all LED displays with regular dot pitch, but in addition to these ordinary LED displays, there are also some special-shaped screens. , trapezoidal, etc., used to make special-shaped large-scale led electronic display screens.

The dot pitch of this special-shaped LED large-scale electronic display is slightly different. It is close to the side and may be smaller. There are also LED transparent screens. The common pitches are 2.85.6, 2.917.8, etc. In addition to the above, the new cob led display has broken through the small-pitch LED packaging process of SMD packaging, and the dot pitch has been made smaller, except for cob1.58, cob1.56, cob1.26, cob1.25 and other models , cob0.97, cob0.92, cob0.79, cob0.62, etc. are also the spacing models of the cob display.

The above is the explanation about the small spacing of LEDs. The LED small spacing display has many advantages:

  1. With small spacing and many display pixels per unit, the picture is naturally clearer and more delicate, meeting more display requirements of customers;
  2. The box is light and thin, easy to install and disassemble, and easy to use;
  3. It is used in occasions that have certain requirements on the display screen, such as: exhibition halls, art galleries, conference rooms, etc.;
  4. Realize mass production, and the price is relatively favorable: due to the relatively perfect and popular technology, the current LED small spacing price is relatively favorable;
  5. Special-shaped customization: LED small spacing is no longer the representative of high-end display products in the past. With the improvement of technology and meeting customer display needs, companies compete for more priorities, and most of LED small spacing can be customized. Make the LED display the way you want;

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