In the wave of scientific and technological revolution, a variety of technological products have entered people’s eyes one after another. As a product of technological revolution, LED digital display screen has entered thousands of households with the popularization of electrical appliances. So, what is LED display? Next, let’s take a look at the related content of LED display.

First. What is a led display

The led display is also called led electronic display and LED digital display. It can be seen that the led display is an electronic display screen. The led display integrates information processing and microelectronics technology, and has the characteristics that other displays do not have. Compared with other displays, the led display is more stable in use, more beautiful in color, and has a very wide dynamic range. range, very durable.

3d led display
3d led display

LED screen type

There are two types of LED panels: traditional (using discrete LEDs) panels and surface mount device (SMD) panels. Most outdoor LED displays are built around discrete LEDs (also known as individually mounted LEDs). A set of red, green and blue diodes are driven together to form a full-color pixel.

Most indoor LED displays on the market are manufactured using SMD technology, a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market. SMD pixels consist of red, green, and blue diodes mounted on the chipset, which are then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a needle and are arranged very closely. The difference is that the maximum resolution distance is reduced by 25% from a discrete diode screen with the same resolution.

Second, the use of led display

LED display screens are now widely used. While entering thousands of households, they also involve various commercial fields and industries, bringing a lot of convenience to merchants. With its own unique characteristics, Led display screen meets the needs of various groups. Nowadays, LED display screen has been used in various performances, major markets, lottery and securities exchanges, news release sites, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

Three, led display precautions

The screen should pay attention to maintenance, and the equipment has its own set of rules and regulations in use. The user should turn on the power first, then turn on the screen. Similarly, when shutting down, the screen should be turned off first and then turned off, and there must be a certain interval between the switches to prevent the screen from burning; in addition, the equipment should be avoided during the day to prevent overvoltage Big, burnt screen.

Basic principles for evaluating the performance of LED displays

Since the LED display is a relatively professional product, non-professional customers generally do not have the basic knowledge to judge products. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to establish a judgment standard that everyone recognizes. The basic function of a large-scale information display terminal such as the LED display screen is to comprehensively and faithfully display the information of the information source to the target audience, including static images, text, dynamic video and even audio. Therefore, this standard is simply “looks good”, and what people see, it must be good for people to see. In this way, many professional terminology descriptions are omitted, which also helps to shorten the distance with customers and achieve basic standard consensus.

But why do some displays “look good” and others “look bad”? This is because of two key factors that affect the display effect of the display:

1. The brightness of the display screen: To display information correctly in an environment, there must be enough brightness to ensure the actual contrast of the image, especially for outdoor LED displays with harsh outdoor environmental conditions. Therefore, the display screen must have corresponding brightness to ensure that according to the different use environment.

After the display screen is put into use, the brightness of the LED tube as the light source begins to decay, so the rate of brightness decay is one of the important performances of the LED display.

2. Consistency of display color: When the base color is displayed, the brightness and chromaticity of each color are consistent, and when white is displayed, there is no noise. This is the basis for ensuring the correct restoration of the color information of the information source.

In the early stage of the use of the LED display, it should generally be able to ensure the consistency of the color. With the attenuation of LED tubes during use, due to individual differences in semiconductor devices and differences in LED production processes, the attenuation curves of each LED tube are different, resulting in the same color as the use time increases. Sex is getting worse.

Based on the above two basic evaluation criteria, we can reach a consensus with customers that one of the important factors for evaluating the intrinsic quality of the display screen is the selection of LED diodes:

The decay rate is low and the decay curve is consistent.

To ensure this, first of all, the LED lamp manufacturer needs to have excellent manufacturing technology, and secondly, the LED tube is not subjected to static electricity in the entire production process of the display screen, and so on.

The relevant questions about what is a led display will take you to this point. If you understand what a led display is, and master the precautions of led display, you will be able to give full play to the functions and characteristics of led display.

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