P2 indoor small-pitch display is currently the most cost-effective small-pitch product, so there are more people using this product. So, what are its outstanding features that make people like it so much?

Features of P2 Small Pitch LED Display

  1. Using high-quality LED display chip design, it has the characteristics of small package, high brightness, large angle, anti-static and so on.
  2. Fully automated production process is adopted to improve the reliability and stability of the product.
  3. Energy-saving design, lower power consumption, longer life, can effectively reduce power consumption by 25-50%, low carbon and environmental protection, saving electricity for customers.
  4. Using high-definition playback system, the number of colors can reach 1.07 billion colors.
  5. High-brush design: using PWM driver IC, the refresh rate can reach 3840Hz, and the grayscale can reach 4096 levels.
  6. Support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use.
  7. Exquisite materials are used to ensure high temperature, low temperature and high humidity application environment.
  8. Large-angle design, the viewing angle can reach 160 degrees left and right, and 120 degrees up and down.

The above are the characteristics of the P2 small-pitch LED display. From the introduction, the performance and functions are very good. So what is the future trend of the small-pitch LED display? Let’s take a look.

P1.875 indoor LED small pitch
P1.875 indoor LED small pitch

Affected by the epidemic, all walks of life have been greatly affected, and the overall industry has fallen into a downturn. But there are always exceptions. With its high-definition display, seamless splicing, and smart display features, small-pitch LED displays have played a big role in command and dispatch centers and video conferences, quickly occupying people’s field of vision.

The hot market has made many companies “coveted”, and they have poured into the field of small-pitch LED displays, which intensified the competition in the domestic small-pitch market. Under such circumstances, what is the future trend of small-pitch LED displays?

LED small pitch has high technical content

The technical content of LED small-pitch products itself will be higher than that of ordinary LED displays. This is because the spacing of ordinary LED displays is relatively large, which is easier to control and less prone to errors. The density of small-pitch LED displays is higher. The instrument is not precise enough, or improper operation, it is easy to cause the lamp bead to be bumped and dropped, so the requirements for the manufacturer are higher.

P1.25 small pitch LED display
P1.25 small pitch LED display

For micro-pitch displays with a dot pitch below 1.0, there are only a handful of LED display manufacturers that can manufacture and mass-produce them. The main reason is that the micro-pitch displays smaller than P1.0 cannot be packaged using conventional SMD, and need to cooperate with It can be packaged using GOB or COB machines.

The cost of machines that can encapsulate GOB or COB is also much more expensive than that of ordinary SMD machines. From the cost of the machine to the user population, these factors will cause the products produced to double up several times. This is why it is not yet possible. The main reason for mass production of micro-pitch displays smaller than P1.0.

LED small-pitch products have the characteristics of seamless splicing, vivid natural colors, and ultra-high grayscale, especially the detailed and true color display generated by ultra-high grayscale. Moreover, the brightness can be adjusted arbitrarily, making it suitable for any display environment. Coupled with the mature point-to-point correction technology, it is quite convenient for future maintenance. These advantages also create a unique position for small-pitch products in the room.

More energy saving and environmental protection

In order to build a more intelligent and harmonious city, people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has been continuously improved. The small-pitch early LED display makes full use of its energy-saving technology, and applies more large-brand light-emitting chips in material selection; in addition to material selection, circuit design and screen heat dissipation design can also be optimized to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

p1.876 super clean LED screen
p1.876 super clean LED screen

Due to its special environment, the brightness of the small-pitch early LED display should be automatically adjusted to achieve the brightness suitable for environmental broadcasting, and in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, environmental protection and avoiding light pollution, it has been improved.

Experts predict that the demand for small-pitch LED displays will rise sharply after the epidemic

The LED small-pitch construction method is flexible, the viewing angle is wide, the body is ultra-thin, the installation and maintenance are convenient, and the power consumption is low. It can be said that as long as all indoor display items can be applied, its role in monitoring and command centers cannot be replaced by other products.

In the commercial field where there is a demand for public information display, small-pitch early LED displays can replace large and medium-sized commercial display settings. It can adapt to the high-intensity requirements of long-term continuous start-up.

During the epidemic, due to the needs of command and dispatch, monitoring centers, and conference videos, the demand for small-pitch early LED displays continued to grow. At present, the LED display market is in a relatively sluggish state. The profitable small-pitch LED display field has attracted many screen companies to enter the market. They have launched small-pitch products one after another, and expanded domestic channels with greater policy incentives to seize the domestic market.

Not only that, the early LED display, which originally focused on overseas, has also shifted its focus to China due to the raging overseas epidemic and the shrinking market, disrupting the domestic market with small-pitch products. Therefore, the demand for small-pitch displays is rising at the same time. , will also attract a lot of other manufacturers pouring into this industry.

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