The P4 P4 retal LED display is a very common type of LED display in the stage, because it has the characteristics of easy insertion and removal, and simple installation. Therefore, not only can you follow concerts or stage performances to tour around, you can also set up a corresponding rental company to rent the display screen for others to use.

Many people may not know what functions and functions can be achieved by renting LED displays, so it is still unclear which areas can renting LED displays be used in. Let’s see?

The rental LED display screen can play text, tables, pictures, videos, TV programs, advertising videos, video materials and other content just like a TV.

If you want to achieve other special display requirements, you need to be equipped with an LED video processor to achieve. What are the special display requirements, let’s take a look at a few examples:

P4 retal LED display
P4 retal LED display

The function of the live camera while shooting and broadcasting: This is the most basic function of a concert. If the singer’s information cannot be synchronized in real time, it will be very irresponsible to the fans on the scene and the audience watching the live broadcast.

One display screen displays multiple pictures: Many times, when we watch some situational dialogues or some interactive answering shots, we often need to display two, three or even multiple dialogues on one screen, otherwise, one person will say a sentence If you have to switch the lens once, the audience will also see it in the fog.

The following example represents the flexibility of renting an LED display. The computer is connected to the LED display through a network cable, and the computer has supporting software, which is controlled by software operation. Simply speaking, as long as the computer can open and play the displayed files Formats, such as pictures, videos, word, PPT documents, etc., can also be displayed synchronously on our LED display, which is another enlarged screen of the computer monitor.

Indoor full-color LED display, diversified input signals:

  • Support RF, S-VIDIEO, RGBTV, YUT, YC, COMPOSITION and other signals;
  • Support various common image formats, such as BMP/JPG/GIF and other image formats;
  • Support common document formats such as TXT/DOC/EXCEL/PPT and other document formats
  • Support common video formats, such as MPG2/MPEG4/AVI/ASF and other video formats
  • Support more special formats, such as HTML/Flash/MMS/EXE/COM, etc., and can also realize the function of network video on demand.

Each LED display unit board has a driver chip and an input buffer chip, which are connected to the LED display control system to display video, image, and text information through a series of operational codes. Through the OE signal, the red, green and blue drive IC chips can form a high grayscale color exchange. Unit boards can be arbitrarily spliced ​​horizontally or vertically to form displays of different sizes.

retal LED display
retal LED display

The main application areas of rental LED display are as follows:

1. Gymnasium information display

Rental LED displays have replaced traditional incandescent lamps and CRT LED displays. Important domestic sports venues have adopted LED displays as the main means of information display.

2. Large gatherings

Large-scale LED displays for performances and gatherings are increasingly used for live video broadcasts for public and political purposes, and these medium-to-large LED displays increase political and artistic influence.

3. Exhibition and rental

In many large-scale exhibitions, large-scale LED display screens are one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers, providing paid services to exhibitors. There are also professional leasing companies for large-scale LED display screens abroad, as well as some large-scale manufacturers. Suppliers provide leasing services.

4. School

In the application of LED display in colleges and universities, various cultural evenings are often held, and the rental LED display has full color and clear picture, which can show better effects.

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