LED transparent display and LED glass display are both very popular products in the market. Because the two are similar in appearance, let alone ordinary customers, even some people who are engaged in the LED display industry can easily distinguish them. Next, let’s take a look at it for you.

The difference between LED transparent screen and LED glass screen

1. The structure is different

The led transparent screen is in the form of smd patch package, and the light is technically attached to the concave groove of the pcb, and the module specifications can be customized. The led transparent screen is also known as the glass curtain wall led display. Its common partner is the glass curtain wall, glass window display, etc. After plugging in, it can broadcast corporate video promotional videos and photos.

LED transparent screens
LED transparent screens

The led glass screen is a high-grade customized optical glass that uses fully transparent and conductive technology to fix the light-emitting diode in the middle of the double-layer glass. It belongs to a kind of bright screen. It can make different patterns (stars, lines, body shapes and other fashion trend patterns) according to different situations.

2. Installation and actual operation

The led transparent screen can be installed on the glass curtain wall of most houses, and the compatibility mode is extremely strong. The fully transparent led display can be installed by lifting, patch and one piece.

The installation of led glass screen is to pre-embed the screen part when designing the plan in advance, and then install the construction glass on the glass frame. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. The installation of led glass screen is the installation of engineering architectural glass under the construction of glass curtain wall project, which is inconvenient for maintenance.

3. Net weight of goods

The led transparent screen products are soft and crystal clear, the thickness of the pcb is only 1-4mm, and the net weight of the led transparent screen is 12kg/㎡.

The led glass screen product contains flashing glass, and the net weight of the glass itself is 28kg/㎡.

4. Maintenance

The maintenance and maintenance methods of the led transparent screen are very simple, which saves both time and effort. If a certain part fails, only the faulty part needs to be replaced, which saves financial resources, material resources and funds.

There is almost no way to maintain the led glass screen. In the event of a failure, the structure of the existing engineering building must be dismantled, and a whole glass screen will be dismantled, and the maintenance cost is much more expensive.

The above is the introduction of the difference between LED transparent screen and LED glass screen, and some customers may not know how to distinguish the model of LED transparent screen, let’s take a look together.

LED transparent screens
LED transparent screens

How to identify what model an LED display is, and what is the most intuitive and effective way?

If you see someone else installed a transparent LED display somewhere, the effect is ok, and you want to order one, but you don’t know which model it is. If it is a short distance, you can use a ruler to measure the distance between the lamp and the lamp to see how many mm, but this is only an approximation, not necessarily accurate. When measuring, be careful not to bump the lamp beads, so as to avoid problems with the display.

If there is no ruler, we can also find the lamp bead, and count the number of lamps in the direction of the lamp bead, and measure the length of the board. The value obtained by dividing the length by the number of lamps is the pixel spacing.

For example, use a ruler to measure a board with a length of 160mm, and there are 32 lights in a row. The pixel pitch = length/number of lights, 160/32=5, which is the P5 model; another example is to measure a board with a length of 192mm, count the past length direction There are 64 lamps in total, so the pixel pitch is 192/64=3mm, which is the P3 model.

No matter the length of the board or the number of lamps, as long as they are evenly arranged, you can measure the length of the lamps as many lamps are counted, and then use the length/number of lamps to obtain the pixel pitch, which is the model.

There are often unscrupulous manufacturers or middlemen who sell P4 as P3 price and P5 as P4 price, so as to deceive users, users must learn to identify, through the above method, it is easy to determine which model is.

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