led-technic is a global supplier of the best solution specializing in the R&D, production and sales of LED displays. It has many display cases in many countries around the world. Next, let’s take a look at the control scheme of 3D displays. what to include.

  1. Application background

3D refers to three-dimensional space. Compared with ordinary 2D images, 3D is more realistic and realistic, giving the audience an immersive feeling.

3d led display screen

LED full-color display 3D technology has gradually become a trend in recent years and a recognized future development direction. As a brilliant LED display in the display market in recent years, it has entered the field of indoor high-definition display with more and more.

Basically, the place where the 3D LED display is installed can earn enough attention and become a big net red spot where people flock to check in. Therefore, how to realize the 3D display technology of LED display has also begun to attract people’s attention.

  1. Basic principles and classification of 3D display technology

Stereoscopic origins from the human visual system. Everything that the human eye sees is three-dimensional. This is because the two eyeballs pass through the small distance between them and see two pictures with subtle differences. This subtle difference allows the brain to understand. Converting the spatial coordinates between objects in the direction of sight disappearance, we can also distinguish the distance and size of objects through this feeling, that is, three-dimensional sense, that is, three-dimensional sense of space.

3d led display screen

The basic principle of 3D display is to separate the content for the left and right eyes of the viewer through glasses or other equipment, so that the two glasses can obtain the images of the left and right eyes respectively, and finally the feeling of 3D in the mind. .

The current 3D technology can be divided into two types: glasses type and naked eye type. Glasses type 3D technology can be divided into three types: chromatic aberration type, shutter type and polarized type (also called color separation method, time division method and light separation method). 3D technology can be divided into three types: lens array, barrier fence and pointing light source. The principle and imaging effect of each technology are different.

Most of the Internet celebrity attractions we have seen belong to naked-eye 3D display screens. This technology is more sophisticated and the implementation principle is much more complicated. Therefore, there is no need to wear additional 3D glasses when viewing.

  1. Overview of the plan

LED full-color display 3D display control scheme, using shutter 3D technology most suitable for LED display, using active imaging mode, without complex peripheral equipment to have the best 3D display effect, support high display resolution , At the same time, the resources are relatively large, and the mainstream technology is generally used at present. Adopt ZigBee 3D Sync (ZigBee 3D Sync) standard, the connection is more flexible and efficient, bringing greater freedom to consumers and bringing the best 3D viewing experience.

Naked eye 3D dome screen
Naked eye 3D dome screen
  1. Features of the program

The 3D display control scheme of LED full-color display screen solves various problems that manufacturers may encounter in actual use, and provides display manufacturers with flexible and convenient system solutions, simple and intuitive operating software, high-quality film sources, and interference-free 3D glasses Stablize. While adding highlights to the LED full-color display, it relieves everyone’s worries. Active 3D technology, the effect is outstanding.

Shutter 3D mainly achieves the 3D effect by increasing the refresh rate of the picture. By dividing the image into two frames by frame, two sets of pictures corresponding to the left eye and the right eye are formed, which are displayed continuously and interlaced. At the same time, the signal transmitter will synchronize Control the left and right lens switches of the shutter 3D glasses, so that the left and right eyes can see the corresponding picture at the right moment. This technology makes it easy for users to enjoy truly perfect 3D effects.

3d led display screen

The display polarized 3D technology that supports 1080P high-definition resolution is affected by the principle of polarization, and it is difficult to achieve a true full-HD resolution 3D image. The shutter-type 3D technology can maintain the original resolution of the picture, support high-definition resolution display, and perfectly present the full HD 3D display effect of the real LED full-color display.

Simple equipment, easier debugging. Except for the 3D transmitter and special 3D glasses, no other peripheral equipment is required. At the same time, it can be used with ordinary video processing equipment, without other special video processing equipment for 3D display.

ZigBee standard for the best 3D viewing experience. Adopt ZigBee 3D Sync (ZigBee 3D Sync) standard, the connection is more flexible and efficient, which can effectively avoid interference, bring more freedom to consumers, and bring the best 3D viewing experience.

5.the program configuration list

  1. 1 ordinary LED full-color display screen, the resolution can be customized, 1080P is the best
  2. 1 desktop computer with discrete graphics card
  3. (Calette, Lingxingyu, Nova) 3D video processor
  4. Several receiving cards
  5. 2 sets of Zigbee 3D glasses, special 3D glasses / unlimited quantity
  6. 3D high-definition video material

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