The LED display is believed to be familiar to us, but what if the LED display is installed on the car? This is the popular LED mobile advertising vehicle in recent years.

This kind of structure makes the advertisement not stand quietly and play somewhere, but can be carried by the car, so that more people can see the advertisement and make the advertisement more effective.

The LED display mobile advertising vehicle can be equipped with a single red screen or a color LED display; the fixed mute in the car is equipped with generators, computers, audio, power amplifiers and other equipment; it can also be equipped with a hydraulic stage or an artificial stage.

The above accessories are part of the price, and the other part is the price of the vehicle. Because the price of the chassis is the unified price of the major chassis suppliers, the overall price of a publicity car is the price of the chassis plus the box modification. Let’s take a small propaganda car as an example. Because the box configuration is different, its price is about RMB 60,000 to 70,000.

The price of large and medium-sized products ranges from RMB 120,000 to more than 200,000 yuan (according to the configuration needs of customers). The car you buy usually comes with 1 industrial control computer, 4 waterproof speakers, 1 power amplifier, and 1 console. Distribution of LED screen modules of the same definition, distribution of 30 meters of external power cord.

LED car needs to be modified configuration

  • led car (equipped with P6, P5, P4, outdoor full-color LED display) configuration:
  • One side of the car body is a P8 full-color outdoor screen of 6.64 square meters, with a screen size of 3840mm*1728 mm
  • The left bar screen is a monochrome screen and a roller light box (a double-sided color screen can also be optional)
  • The car is equipped with vehicle control, playback and power generation equipment
  • The car is equipped with a console, a computer, and air conditioning. Specializing in wedding business
  • Equipped with Omar 8kw ultra-quiet generator (double-sided screen is 15kw generator)
  • Equipped with four Wanshengda brand waterproof sound column, and high-power amplifier.
  • One side of the led screen is lifted, and the lifting height is 1.5 meters. Optional hydraulic stage is also available. Quotation table for the whole series of LED advertising vehicles, the reducibility of the screen color of the LED advertising vehicle refers to the reducibility of the display screen to the color, that is, the color displayed on the display screen should be highly consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image .

The overall introduction of LED vehicles

  • The whole carriage adopts the steel frame stamping frame;
  • The inner skin is 4.0 aluminum composite panel;
  • The floor of the compartment is 18mm bamboo plywood
  • The rear door panel is 18mm composite panel; shutters and built-in door locks.
  • The appearance of the carriage is arc-shaped, and the overall appearance is good.
  • The exterior of the car body is sprayed with anti-shedding primer.
  • The rear door of the compartment is a flip-up door panel, which is assisted by a spring and equipped with a built-in door lock.
  • The front and rear panels of the cabin are equipped with louvers for heat dissipation.
  • A fixed skirt is installed under the carriage.
  • The electric control compartment is installed at the front panel of the compartment, equipped with an air switch, a main power switch, the power supply is 220V, and it is equipped with a power quick connector
  • Equipped with a clear and vivid outdoor full-color LED display, whether it is playing video or playing fonts, it has a very good effect

About the acceptance of LED vehicles

Generally, after the production of the vehicle is completed, the customer can directly come to the factory to pick up the car, but if the customer is not convenient to pick up the car, the manufacturer can provide the car delivery service. It is more appropriate to suggest that customers come to the factory to pick up the car, because you come to the factory to pick up the car, we will teach you the operation process by the engineer on the spot, so that you can better familiarize yourself with the relevant settings and operations in the car.

You can test the vehicle on site. If the vehicle is accepted, you also need to check whether the vehicle procedures, such as whether the vehicle certificate is issued and the amount, are all things that need to be paid attention to.

The above is the relevant content about the price of LED advertising vehicles. Common colors of LED advertising vehicles: fire red, engineering yellow, Toyota white, chassis structure: the car body is based on the solid frame structure of the Foton chassis, and is treated with shock and heat insulation.

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