In many large-scale banquets, we can see the figure of the LED rental display, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a necessity for stage applications. How much does a commonly used LED stage rental display cost? Let us Let’s take a look at the cost components of LED rental displays.

The very composition of LED rental display

1. Display screen

There is no doubt that the display screen in the LED rental display is the core part, so its price ratio is the highest, but there are several subdivisions involved here, which need to be explained one by one:

  • model used
  • screen area used
  • Accessories used
Stage rental LED display
Stage rental LED display

Many people may not know that the dot pitch of different LED displays is different, and the impact on the price is also very large. This is mainly because the number of materials used for products with different dot pitches is different. To give a simple For example, the same one square meter LED display,

  • P3 is 111111 pixels/square meter
  • P4 is 62500 pixels/square meter

Just 1 point difference is 48611 pixels, and each point of the LED display is a lamp bead, and each lamp bead needs to consume materials, so the more points, the more materials are consumed. So Using P3’s LED rental display will obviously be much more expensive than P4’s LED rental display.

The above situation is more obvious in products with small pitch (less than P2) LED display. If it is an LED display smaller than P1, the price will increase exponentially for every 0.1 point drop.

Fortunately, because the distance of the stage is generally far, and the small-pitch display is only suitable for viewing at a relatively close distance (within 5 meters), and the stage is generally at least 50 meters, so in fact, small-pitch LEDs are rarely used. The display is rented as a stage, but the small-pitch LED display can be placed at the entrance of the venue as content promotion.

Stage rental LED display
Stage rental LED display

2. Transportation costs

Due to the large size and weight of the stage led rental display screen, although there are pulleys underneath to push it, the weight of the entire screen is still very heavy, and the entire screen generally has more than one box. Therefore, the transportation cost of the screen is still relatively high.

  • Subdivided down, the cost of transportation is mainly composed of
  • Mode of transportation (from high to low): air > sea > land
  • Shipping distance: the farther the distance, the more expensive

The volume of transportation: the larger the volume, the more expensive the price

Generally speaking, we will negotiate the transportation method with the customer, but if the customer needs to use air transportation urgently, the price will naturally be more expensive. Generally speaking, it is very possible from a few hundred yuan to 10,000 yuan. .

Stage rental LED display
Stage rental LED display

3. Labor cost

If the area of ​​the screen is relatively large, 3-5 people are required to assemble the screen, and the price may vary depending on the travel area and country. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the stage led display rental activities, It is best to have several technicians at the event site to be able to deal with various emergencies, and these costs will also be included in the total cost of the entire event.

4. the cost of accessories

The stage rental display usually involves a variety of accessories, such as computers, audio and other facilities, and the cost of these accessories needs to be flexibly selected according to the actual situation, and there is no way to estimate the price.

Summary: We are buying LED stage rental displays from the best LED display manufacturers with strong strength, so as to avoid problems during use, which will affect the performance of the entire stage. As it happened before, some customers chose a lower price from other LED display manufacturers, which led to a sudden failure when the performance was one third of the way, and the entire dance had to be postponed.

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