Because the 3D LED display is still essentially an LED display, to understand the working principle of 3D digital billboard, we must first introduce the development history of the LED display.

LED display is a new type of information display media that developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s. It is a way to replace the display content on the screen by turning on and off red and green (red, green, blue, and yellow) lamp beads, such as text, animation, pictures, Timely conversion of video, component display control through modular structure.

The LED display at that time used the LED in-line packaging technology, and each module could only display a single color, such as red, white, yellow and other colors. Since this stage has just started, the development of the LED display is relatively slow, and the It took almost 20 years to change from a single-color module to a two-color module.

LED display for door head
Outdoor door head display using monochrome plug-in modules

Neither the LED packaging technology nor the LED display has changed much. The only pity is that the LED display at this time has developed a two-color in-line form. By controlling different two-color LED modules, you can There are 65536 kinds of changes, which can basically meet the display of some colors in life.

SMD two-color LED module
SMD two-color LED module

New breakthrough full-color LED display comes out

With the passage of time, some people think that since two-color mixing can produce different colors, if you use 3-color mixing, it can be the same as today’s monitors? Running with this idea, many LED display engineers began to try , Use LED lights of different colors to mix and match.

After repeated experiments, it is found that the current LED control card is difficult to accurately control three different colors of LED lights, so if you want to achieve the effect of three colors and full colors, you need to start with the LED control card.

P2 indoor full color LED module
P2 indoor full color LED module

In this way, the research from the original LED module to the LED control card lasted for 6 years. Until 2006, there has been a three-color mixed-insertion LED module, which has fully realized the full-color effect of LCD.

LED packaging technology upgrade, in-line technology is completely lonely

With people’s requirements for resolution and clarity, the effect displayed by the traditional three-color in-line LED module has been difficult to satisfy everyone’s perception. Moreover, the three-color in-line is mainly done manually. Once the force is too large, or A little carelessness can easily cause the pins to be bent, causing the pin lines to be blocked, resulting in problems with the entire LED module.

In order to overcome the problem of three-color in-line LED modules, LED engineers explored day and night, and finally found a surface mount (SMD) LED packaging technology to replace the three-color in-line. Moreover, surface mount LED packaging does not rely on artificial , It is automatically operated by the set machine, completely avoiding the problems caused by manual operation.

At present, except for a very small number of LED manufacturers that are still using LED in-line technology, they are basically using surface-mount LED packaging technology. Moreover, more sophisticated COB and GOB packaging technologies have emerged in recent years, which can produce higher pitches. Small, better LED display.

3D LED display with surface mount packaging technology

So far, the “street waves” have been realized, mainly using 3D stereoscopic LED display to achieve this effect, and it can also present some more exciting pictures!

When the “big waves on the street” hit, at first glance it looked like it was in the depths of the sea. I have to say that this animation is very realistic, and it is worth mentioning that the LED display can perfectly present the whole picture and maximize the effect. Compared with the previous LED display technology, I don’t know how much progress has been made, and how many people’s efforts have achieved this effect today. Let’s take a look at other display effects!

Simplified animation of 3D ocean waves
Simplified animation of 3D ocean waves

This is a screen made of LED transparent screen in LED display, also known as ice screen. Like conventional displays, transparent LED displays are self-illuminating displays. Unlike projection and rear-projection display technologies, they can independently play dynamic videos and images without the need for other tools such as projection. What we often see is the jewelry displayed in the jewelry store on the street, which perfectly shows a piece of exquisite jewelry, and all the details are reflected!

The effect presented by the LED display is very realistic, which can perfectly display the content of the broadcast and attract the attention of pedestrians. The “street waves” created by the real 3D three-dimensional LED display screen have reaped a wave of popularity. There are many kinds of LED display screens, and the effects presented are also different.

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