Mobile LED advertising vehicle is a kind of walking advertisement. It is not limited to any place. Whether it is in the lively talent market, pedestrian street, or on the vast expressway, it can be promoted while moving. It can be inhabited. , You can also stop to distribute leaflets, play advertisements, play audio, stage romances and other ways.

Mobile LED advertising vehicles are mainly used for the following features:

Go anywhere, convenient and fast

The mobile LED advertising car itself has the performance of the car, so where the car can go, the mobile LED advertising car can also be reached. If we use a single display, although we can achieve a similar effect, because the classification of LED displays Among them, there is a rental LED display.

mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

The rental LED display can be installed in the air box, and the rental LED display can be moved by moving the air box. But even so, the process of disassembly and assembly is relatively complicated and requires more professional personnel to operate. If you are not careful, you may bump into the lamp beads, or you may not be able to light the screen because you are not familiar with the installation process.

The mobile LED propaganda car has already embedded the LED display on the car, eliminating the trouble of disassembly, and it is convenient and fast to drive and go. The program and content are also fixed. If you want to change the information, you can directly use the USB or The network interface can be replaced.

Outdoor waterproof, no fear of wind and rain

The mobile LED propaganda car adopts an outdoor waterproof LED display, which has strong waterproof and dustproof functions, so there is no need to worry about the rainy weather affecting the advertising effect.

Flexible size options

There are three types of mobile LED advertising vehicles, small, medium and large. Customers can choose flexibly according to their needs. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the easier it will be seen by customers. However, some vehicles may Drive onto some country roads.

This kind of road section has a relatively narrow driving area, so it is necessary to consider the actual application scenario and usage to purchase the corresponding model. This is very good for customers. Avoid spending a lot of money to buy inappropriate products, It is also possible to avoid buying products that are not suitable and do not know what to do.

mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

Features of advertising vehicles

  • The outside of the box is made of carbon steel cold-rolled plate, and the inside is made of aluminum lattice plate
  • The exterior wall paint adopts original imported series products
  • The generator adopts Sino-foreign joint venture ultra-quiet diesel generator set, gasoline generator or battery frequency converter to choose from.
  • The hydraulic system is a fully automatic lifting system developed by the professional team of the Department of Physics.

The LED advertising car screen adopts imported Jingyuan wicks, which can brighten up to 10,000 lights per square meter, and the body is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Specifications are 192*192(mm), 160*160(mm)320*160(mm) control; pctv non-linear editing card + dvi graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission.

Normal working hours reached a staggering 100,000 hours. Computers and audio amplifiers use domestic first-line brands. The 7-roll light box adopts automatic loop playback and can install 1-6 pictures. The exterior consists of monolithic tempered glass.

mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

Judging from these performances, LED advertising vehicles are suitable for advertising. Of course, if the sales target of the product has great uncertainty, such as real estate sales, in addition to our current traditional media is doing a good job of sunk content Well, we can push the propaganda further into tighter spaces. Taxi dome advertising takes advantage of this flexible mobility to bring advertising content to thousands of households.

Therefore, if you want to compare a strong one between the two, the key is to see what kind of demand the promoted product has on the marketing communication channel. At the same time, it is also directly related to the back of the product group. It’s like a small reservoir, you can use a small hose to pump water, and then the water can slowly flow to the market to moisturise.

If it is replaced by a city drain to pump water, I am afraid that the minutes will run out. There is a lot of water, but there is often nothing after a flood because the current is so fast that the ground doesn’t even have time to get wet. As long as the sun is out, it can return to dryness before an afternoon.

This is what we call the flow pool effect. Through the change of the pool water, the performance of the product and the user group of the product are mapped to maximize the value.

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