The mobile LED advertising vehicle has now become a new generation of effective publicity tools. The combination of the car and the LED display screen makes the advertising form no longer play quietly. With the slow movement of the car, the advertising effect is also expanding.

As a new generation of advertising tools, it has played a very good effect. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages.

Diversified information

The mobile advertising vehicle combines the dynamic and static of the screen, and can complete multi-form, multi-directional and various types of information release.


Because the display screen is installed on the car, it can be moved anytime and anywhere. It is very suitable for the stage background of some activities, or the live broadcast platform outside the concert, large-scale evening party, and large-scale event venues. For example, it can broadcast live to the audience outside the Olympic event venue. It can also be used as a display platform or an advertising platform.

Stable performance

The LED display adopts a full-color high-performance display with high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The screen is three-dimensional, vivid, clear and dynamic, and is equipped with a light control system, which can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the outdoor light without installation and disassembly.

Advantages of mobile LED advertising vehicles:

  1. The outside of the box is made of carbon steel cold-rolled plate, and the inside is made of aluminum checker plate.
  2. The exterior paint adopts the original imported series products.
  3. The generator adopts Sino-foreign joint venture Omar ultra-quiet diesel generator set, Yihu gasoline generator or battery inverter to choose from.
  4. Hydraulic is a fully automatic lifting system developed by LED SCREE and invited by the Department of Physics of Tsinghua professor.
  5. The screen of the LED advertising vehicle adopts imported Jingyuan wick, with 10,000 bright spots per square meter. With waterproof, dustproof, shockproof effect. Specifications are 192*192(mm), 160*160(mm) 320*160(mm) control; pctv nonlinear editing card + dvi graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission. The normal working life is 100,000 hours.
  6. Computers and audio amplifiers use domestic first-line brands.
  7. The roller light box adopts automatic loop playback, which can install 1-6 pictures. The exterior consists of integral tempered glass.

The LED mobile advertising vehicle is an advertising device with an LED screen as an information output device and a mobile body as a heavy body.

In the past, advertisements mostly existed in the form of newspapers and magazines, but the appearance of LED advertising vehicles injected new blood into the advertising industry, made advertisements come alive in an instant, and let the masses know a new way of advertising communication.

In a prosperous city, vehicle-mounted LED mobile media is undoubtedly a beautiful sight. Now many newspaper groups are making full use of the high mobility, high coverage, high arrival rate, high efficiency and low cost of vehicle-mounted LED mobile media. Create a mainstream media for outdoor publicity, and build a good channel for convenient and beneficial consulting services.

mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

Main configuration of LED advertising vehicle:

1. The two sides of the carriage body are large high-definition outdoor high-definition full-color LED display screens. The standard screen size is: 3520 x 1760mm (take P10 as an example)

2. Playing system: special advertising broadcasting system, the sound is louder and louder, and the advertising effect is better. The LED advertising vehicle is equipped with a dedicated advertising broadcasting system, consisting of a dedicated DVD drive and four external tweeters.

Users can add background music or advertising words according to the released advertisement screen, and scroll and play at the same time as the screen, which further enhances the attention of the advertisement and improves the effect of advertisement delivery.

3. The purchase cost is low and the arrival efficiency is high; compared with the traditional media, the advertising vehicle reduces the complicated production process and cost. And the content can be updated according to the needs of customers. The mobility of advertising vehicles and the timeliness of information make up for the deficiencies of traditional media, making it easier to approach and capture target consumer groups.

4. Large space capacity and strong mobility. The propaganda vehicle is equipped with a fully enclosed rear cargo box, and the cargo space can reach 15 cubic meters, which is very convenient for propaganda and cargo.

5. All-weather, targeting the target customer group; or walking through the bustling city and lively market town, whether it is a sunny day or a starry night, the Foton Times advertising vehicle can effectively attract the attention of target customers, and it is highly efficient Communicate the advertiser’s advertisement.

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