When a customer buys a thing, such as “LED wall rentals”, the most concerned thing must be the price. For example, if we want to buy a TV, the first thing to look at is the price. After all, no matter it is any product, the first thing to do is to meet your own consumption needs.

This is actually quite understandable. Take brand bags and ordinary bags as an example, if your salary is not high, but you crowdfund and borrow everywhere to buy a brand-name bag, then it will be a long period of time. immersed in the pain of repayment.

If you switch to a product like an LED rental video wall, it is more a question of whether the publicity effect is proportional to the traffic and income it brings. If you buy a high-priced product, but the publicity effect does not meet expectations, then The trade is definitely a loss.

Rental led display case
Rental led display case

Therefore, I often see people asking about the price of LED rental video walls, which is normal. It is difficult for anyone to answer such questions and answers. First of all, they do not know the installation environment and installation method of LED electronic large screens. model. So there is no way to give an exact answer. The correct way to ask should be a clear step-by-step enumeration.

First of all, we need to know that the LED rental video wall is generally used indoors, but it cannot be ruled out that it needs to be used outdoors. Therefore, we can describe the above by:

How much is the LED rental video wall

How much is the indoor (especially used outdoors, so to speak) LED rental video wall?

However, whether indoor or outdoor, LED rental video wall is not only one model, we can further emphasize the model, such as p2.5, or p3.91. Some customers may not know how these models are named, in fact, they are Named according to the point spacing. For example, P2.5, the distance between the two lamp beads is 2.5 mm.

If you think it is difficult to remember, there is a simpler method, that is, the product of P several, that is, it is best to watch at how many meters, such as the product of P2.5, then the best viewing distance is 2.5 meters, and so on.

Knowing this, we can extend from the above question in more detail, by

How much is an indoor/outdoor LED rental video wall?

How much is the indoor/outdoor LED rental video wall for P2.5 (if the viewing distance is between 2-5 meters)?

At this point, we can give an approximate price very well. We take the most commonly used LED rental screens P3.91 and P4.81 as examples to give an approximate price. Currently P3.91 LED rental The price of one square meter of video wall is between 7500-11000, while the price of P4.81 LED rental video wall is between 6500-8000.

LED Screen Rental Singapore
LED Screen Rental Singapore

Why are these two commonly used rental led displays? Mainly because the box size of these two led displays is 500*1000mm, and the size is moderate. The installation is simple and convenient, and it is convenient to rent and calculate the square number. The most important thing is that it can display high brightness outdoors and can meet the requirements of clarity.

The above rough price is the price of the whole screen, and the installation cost is calculated separately. Different installation methods and environments, the materials used are different, and the prices are also different. The installation itself is divided into many kinds, whether it is a simple box or a waterproof box body, against the wall or not against the wall, single column or double column.

If it is against the wall, it should be installed at a height of several meters, or on the roof of several floors. Whether it is installed on the roof or the outer wall of the roof, it must be made clear. In fact, if the installed steel structure is completed, it is very simple to simply install the LED display.

The most important thing is that the steel structure is troublesome, especially the column, which is very expensive. It is possible to install a double-column or single-column LED display. The steel structure is more expensive than the display screen.

In some special cases, the LED display is installed on the outer wall of the building. It is necessary to build a steel pipe frame and transport the steel structure to the roof for welding. This cost may be much more expensive than the price of the LED display itself. .

As for other labor and accessories costs, the overall cost is not much, and it can be negotiated with the LED manufacturer when purchasing.

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