On many large-scale stages, rental LED displays are often seen shining brightly. After all, rental LED displays can not only play video content, but also can be used as a stage background. Therefore, the commercial display market is vast and huge, and we are discussing When the development trend of rental LED display, it also focuses on the use of rental LED display.

After all, if it is a product that no one uses, it is meaningless to discuss its development trend. For a product with a large number of users and a wider development prospect, it becomes more meaningful for us to discuss it.

P5 rental LED display
P5 rental LED display

Talking about the future development trend of rental LED display

  1. The trend of thin and light

At present, almost every company in the industry advertises that its box is light and thin. Indeed, thin and light boxes are an inevitable trend to replace iron boxes. In the past, the weight of iron boxes itself was not low. In addition to the weight of steel structures, the overall weight was very heavy. .

In this way, it is difficult for many floor buildings to bear such heavy attachments. The load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept. Moreover, it is not easy to disassemble and transport, and the cost is greatly increased. A trend that is not updated. The rental LED display has an original separate structure, an external power supply, no box, thin and foldable, and one-piece hoisting is simple and fast.

  1. The trend of patent protection

The competition in the LED industry is fierce. Almost every company is vying for the market, grabbing customers, and expanding the scale. However, few companies really focus on product research and development. In fact, in order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technological spillover, patents are the most important good protection.

As the industry gradually matures and regulates, it is also an inevitable development trend of the LED large screen industry to protect its intellectual property rights and intangible assets by applying for patents.

Stage rental LED display
Stage rental LED display
  1. Rapid splicing trend

This is mainly for the LED rental display. The characteristic of leasing is that it is often disassembled and assembled to meet temporary needs, so the display cabinets must be spliced ​​quickly and accurately. Thin and light design is the biggest appeal of LED rental screens.

Because of the particularity of its application site, LED displays need to be disassembled and transported frequently. The thinner and lighter the LED rental screen, the more convenient the transportation and the more cost savings. Therefore, fast and accurate installation is bound to be the development trend of LED displays.

  1. Energy saving trend

my country has always advocated energy conservation and emission reduction, and energy conservation and environmental protection is also a new proposition for future life. Compared with other traditional advertising methods, the LED display has its own “halo” of energy saving and environmental protection—the LED display has the function of self-adjustment of brightness.

The luminescent material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually a large occasion, and the power consumption of long-term operation and high-brightness playback should not be underestimated.

In outdoor advertising applications, in addition to the cost associated with the LED display itself, the advertiser will also increase the electricity bill geometrically with the use of the equipment.

retal LED display
retal LED display

Therefore, only by upgrading from the technical level can the problem of energy saving of products be solved from the root. Reducing the power consumption of LED displays and realizing real energy saving must be the most important development trend of LED displays.

  1. Standardization trend

LED displays have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, but only a few can be recognized by the industry. After many small enterprises were established, because of their small scale, small capital, and insufficient R&D capabilities, they tried to take shortcuts, designed hasty, or even copied designs from large companies.

As a result, the entire market was flooded with defective products, causing many The customer has a headache, and this behavior is irresponsible to the customer. Therefore, the standardization of LED large-screen products is also an inevitable trend.

  1. The trend of smaller spacing

In order to obtain a better viewing effect on the LED display in the future, the requirements for the clarity and fidelity of the display screen will become higher and higher. In order to restore the authenticity of colors and display clear images on smaller displays, high-density small-pitch LED displays will become one of the future development trends.

To sum up, with the improvement of technology, rental LED display will become easier to use, and more and more people will use it.

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